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The EDGE's first ever STARTER brings you what matters (and will matter) in the next days, weeks and months. For January 2010, Gerard Gotladera proposes high impact for the new year:
from Spurr-of-the-moment fashion, Greek Burgers to eat and classical music with a twist to listen to, your first dip into the brand new year will guarantee some heavy impact indeed.

SPURR: Some Kind of Romance
The word on menswear and womenswear for 2010 is sporty/athletic. Well, that's basically the BIGGER trend for this season. Both fashions do though have their alternatives: meet the romantic, elegant and "adult" dandy of Spring. If women have their silks and lingerie pieces (still) for Spring of 2010, menswear on the other hand has their clean white trousers and denim shirts to rely on. Take your cue---if and only if you feel not too excited about sporting high-tech parkas and shrunken jackets, from Simon Spurr's modern Romeo-like collection. With dinner jackets decorated with blooms and pastel colored ensembles, Spurr's Spring 2010 is all about making a romantic impression. Wearing these relaxed, classic yet surprisingly NOW clothes from the collection makes for some post-modern Romeo that could've been penned by F. Scott Fitzgerald than Shakespeare. To put it better, it would be the fine choice of one Jay Gatsby had he been living---in real life, in our times.

photo: GQ


It's not a collaboration. But if these two heavy weight champions of style DO collaborate, then every single stylish man on Earth would have to max out their VISAs to get those goods. To start off for all man-baggies, Dunhill's Chassis Leather collection has more to offer than good, sleek looks and a trusty new favorite. The leather is made out of a carbon fiber print that only the best cars in the world have. The effect on these handsome leather goods is that they all are scratch proof. I know. Not only are they incredibly chic, but they're also hardcore durable. Guiliano Fujiwara's Spring 2010 high top sneakers would be one cool purchase to start off the year. It's a light beige done up in suede that has the most interesting design...Pretty impressive actually because it's so beautiful, it could be art. Imagine getting your hands dirty with these two kick-ass finds.

Dunhill Chassis Leather Bag: from Gerick Darren Ortiz & Luxist

Fujiwara Sneakers: High Snobiety

UNDER THE DOME: Read Claustrophobia
Don't ever underestimate the power of the King...Stephen King that is. One of the most interesting writers---in my opinion, are those of King's genre. I couldn't imagine being able to give people the creeps through pen and paper (and in our case, a MacBook and some publishers). The closest I have of Stephen King's works is a collection of his short stories: Stephen Kings Goes To The Movies. And mind you, after reading 1408 I found it hard to look at paintings the same way again... What I'm saying is that there's a reason why Stephen King is on top of the thriller/horror genre. He has this brilliant style of describing just about enough to scare you and at the same time leaves you some space for imagination. Now that his new 1,000 plus page novel is out in our local shores courtesy of Fully Booked it's time to get your reading on. What Under the Dome talks about is the same things we've all been fearing: is the government conspiring against us along with the military, building some alien shit to gain all that power? Will society soon turn crazy and that maybe, just maybe the time is now when we'll all witness some chaotic, inhumane things happening to us? This novel is just about that. What happens when one normal day, some almighty dome closes in on a small town in America? With nothing natural and man-made that could penetrate through it...Interesting? Hell yeah! Get a copy and make sure you clear your day for one, page-turner you'll never regret buying.

source: Good Reads

There came a time when fashion took on some kiddy halucinations (Marc Jacobs, hello). And I remember falling madly in love with Lego too during those times (again Marc Jacobs). Now that a new Polaroid Camera is made COMPLETELY out of Lego pieces---plus the fact that I've been flirting with the idea of buying a Polaroid, maybe we're all entertaining some more time being kids and young and happy.
It works pretty much like a Polaroid (because it is) only with that added cool feature...That it is made out of Lego. WIRED was right about this baby looking as amazing years and years from now. Don't you agree that when we're all aging and wrinkly that this piece of technology would still look young to us and to everybody else? When I saw this---without reading the review of it, I told myself that getting me this one this year would be one of the best purchases I will ever make. Why? Well because it's all a combination of things you do want to stay: the classic design of the Polaroid, being a kid by way of Lego AND being able to look back on this one and never regret using and buying it.
Coolest find so far.
source: Gadget Lab

Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law is Dr. Watson---Holmes' side-kick, and the beautiful Rachel McAdams plays the bad guy...I mean the bad girl. If I keep on blabbering about how good the stories are thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then I'd be giving away too much. Besides, I really planned to write short on this one. So....we just all have to see it come January 8 here in the Philippines.

source: Filmofilia


Sure we all get our meat fixes thanks to America's brainchild, McDonald's and the billions of unhealthy crap it brings you, but since it's a new year, why not try washing our pallette (and our bodies) with this Greecian dish: Greek Burger with Arugula, tomatoes and feta.
-4 whole wheat pitas (6 1/2 inches each)

-1/4 cup skim milk
- 1 small onion
- 2 cloves of Garlic
- 2 tablespoon chopped mint
- 4 teaspoon chopped fresh oregano
- 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
- 3/4 pound lean ground lamb
- 2 teaspoon olive oil
- 3 cups arugula
- 1 medium tomato
- 1 red onion
- 1/3 cup crumbled feta
Alright, maybe it might not be the easiest thing to do but checking the ingredients, I assure you that this will give you the same meat-loving craving that you've been investing on McDonald's stuff with incredibly less fat and more useable protein and nutrients.
For more details and the recipe of the dressing go here------> Epicurious

You can always depend on men's magazines for some good and witty write-ups. For their January 2010 issue they have 18 profiles of the people you really hate seeing updates from. From the girl with the missing face, to the douchebag of a self-promoter, to that girl who couldn't wait for Friday, it's a funny, no-brainer read that puts some of your friends' (and maybe yours' too) updates on the guillotine.
source: GQ

The last time instruments took over the artist was when Maxim---with his leather rings and eerie Halloween style, went ballistic on the piano. And he was great. BUT, where is he now? Well, I don't know. He surely isn't playing anything new. Enter the latest music sensation that's way better than Maxim in more ways than one. First, the German violinist David Garrett looks better than Maxim. Second, he dresses up like he was a reincarnation of the better (and more musically-productive) Justin Timberlake. Third, his story is quite amazing---not that I know Maxim's, but for the sake of promoting the violinist. Fourth, he actually models. Fifth, he played Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal without making it sound funny or trying hard.
If you're not yet that convinced, go to YouTube and check him out. He's bringing his classical violin training to the modern world of pop music and the hybrid is electrifying... Had Maxim musically lived longer these two would make one good record. Only problem is, the other dude looks way better. Way better.
source: David Garrett Fans


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