Sunday, January 10, 2010



Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, this is really one ad art students (even philosophy ones too) would probably find interesting.
There is something about it that captures you. Like there is more to this picture than just a stunningly---yet simply, styled campaign to promote one of 2010's BEST collections for menswear.
Why is the model (Juan Manuel Arancibia) staring blankly at an endless grey wall?
Why is the light in front of him instead of behind, on the side or somewhere else?
And why is it that this collection by Kris Van Asche is remarkbly refreshing despite that slight old-World feel?
I blame all this to my current collegiate subjects. I'm sorry. BUT this is really a good campaign. Simple, elegant yet provocative. Pretty much how Dior Homme is.

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