Sunday, January 17, 2010

the EDGE STYLE # 30

I opted to start off the Fall 2010 menswear reviews with Burberry, even if I already saw Emporio Armani online. Why, you may ask? Well, I believe that Burberry is incredibly BIG this year. For womenswear and menswear, Christopher Bailey has been hitting the right (best to be exact) notes.
The message for Fall is simple: it'll be DAMN cold this Winter and you'd better be fit to survive freezing point.
Burberry will definitely survive freezing point and if it'll help, Burberry actually defined freezing point.
The NEW cool is all about heavy outerwear in fur, leather, wool, denim button downs and amazing investment on jaw-dropping detail. To take it up a notch, leather outerwear came in impressive colors: navy blue (always a safe color) and an energetic mustard. These two were cinched at the waist, studded with tough buttons and simply just too cool and manly to not notice. Fur outerwear came handsomely double-collared and wrapped with leather bracelets. While the wool versions were obviously standard choices, they weren't as simple as you'd think: a handsome trench coat in navy came with gilded cuffs one of Bailey's most genius works to date. Others were sliced (and held) by golden zippers while the rest came in with extra volume and length.
Most button downs were in denim (the year of denim indeed) and the trousers were just impeccable. I have been a fan of Burberry trousers since Spring 2009 and they're amazing.(I don't own a pair, but they look perfect anyway). How is it possible to create marvelous creases on the leg and still look chic, clean and polished?
The formula to Fall 2010's Burberry collection is all about the details: they may be big (like the puffy, fur jackets) and they may be surprisingly minute (those gilded shoulders will be a hit, I assure you), either way it's incredibly cool to stay this warm with such a high-impact collection.
Speaking of detail, it also seemed that Bailey had skipped including the house's signature check, which speaks volumes of his latest efforts. Is Bailey giving a new spin to Burberry? That we're not yet sure. BUT, this is an incredibly tough collection. Tough and chic.To put it humorously, I told a friend that this collection reminded me of Jay-Z wearing something that Anja Rubik would pick out from a Balmain collection. Scary, sure, but you have to admit, it's too cool to believe that it's actually Burberry's Menswear 2010 we're all imagining here.

source: GQ


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