Monday, January 25, 2010

the EDGE STYLE # 33


Something to definitely excite the senses would be seeing fashion a little too strange but at the same time incredibly familiar and chic.
Raf Simons makes Fall 2010 a heavy, hard-core season of pure technique and cutting edge design that'll blow your mind (rhyming's just that Simons was too cool a collection).
Simons took the season to a whole new mood of "twisting" the classics...
It goes beyond the edgy outerwear and instead takes to the runway, interesting sweaters, ribbed to perfection paired with skirts (?) that could double as extra warmth for winter. Another incredible Simons trademark are the lines and shapes....
Imagine geometry at work in fashion: silver buttons plotting navy double breasted coats in places that're so unRalph Lauren, thick, solid-colored stripes highlighting cool sweaters, fairly new cuts and designs of trench coats that are so weird, they look right.

What's constantly so striking about Raf Simons is his amazing talent when it comes to fabric treatment. It's always quite difficult to see what Simons uses for his clothes because they seem second priority to the power of his design.
And for this collection, it's incredible how he uses age-old and familiar shapes, lines and pieces to create fresh and new sights and fashions: take for example an incredibly white puffy and heavy white parka with seemingly a double layer of some ultra-sleek fabric patched with awesome black stripes... Basically, it's just a parka.
But imagine how that simple parka suddenly turned into some foreign, way-too-cool-sounding piece? That's the magic of Raf Simons...It seems that what he does best is sticking close to the genes of classics and turning them into ultra-sleek, super-modern, chic-heavy fashion that (again) are a little too strange but at the same time really familiar.
Bravo to Simons.

source: GQ


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