Saturday, February 13, 2010

the EDGE STYLE # 34


Gucci goes jet setting!

For starters, this is not my favorite collection from Frida Giannini. For me, Spring 2010 was too good to be followed with such a sober collection. Pretty much like my comment on Prada's menswear, it seems like the heavy-named designers are creating too sober looks for Fall.

But then again, there's more to this collection than just the cool mood. What I love about this collection is the clearly jet set style Giannini has been making out of Gucci. I know little of the history of the Italian label and am not really sure if Gucci has been done up in such style since the beginning, but Giannini is keen on making her looks ready for travel. As the review on GQ wrote, these looks are reminiscent of the 70s movie producer, Robert Evans and the jet set lifestyle he once lived. True enough, the pieces in Gucci do fit a certain male archetype: one who owns a private jet, wears sunglasses even in the darkest of clubs and knows where and how much money he has.

Now, don't get me wrong with the description but Gucci has always been about the snob factor. That certain cool, unreachableness of the wealthy and the elite. And that's what makes Gucci incredibly lust-worthy because it's gaudy and in your face "rich". However, these looks are---as mentioned above, sober, more subtle than most of the Gucci collections. The reason why some reviews called it boring is probably because it's toned down. The colors are very deep and most are in navy, camel and chocolate brown. Such colors are, to some extent, less snobby than, say, ultra light blue or pure white. And despite Giannini's slant on shrunken suits, the outwear she designed for this collection seemed breathable BUT still slim. As always, the entire collection is clean and put-together.

Not only do these looks prove perfect for jet-setting, they're also tailor made for all handsome occassions within Fall. GQ's review mentioned how the cool knitted sweaters are for cold nights, the navy suits for clubbing and the handsome camel coats for heading out to distant destinations, it seems like all such pieces in this collection are perfect for different, dressy occassions.

Wearing Gucci for all the right reasons and occassions shouldn't be confined inside a private jet: wear ordinary clothes inside your jet and minutes before landing, put that coat on and start owning the place. That's Gucci style indeed.

source: GQ


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