Friday, February 5, 2010


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From two of America's idols, to a great American sport, to two of America's greatest legends, THE STARTER for February 2010 brings you what matters (and what will matter) for the next days, weeks and months.

It's a tribute to America and a nod to classic entertainment and style.

Everyone might never understand the concept of baseball or even appreciate it, but it sure is one of the most popular American sports. Not only that, but also gave one of the BEST and most popular fashion items there is known to mankind: presenting, Bottega Veneta's cool, cool, cool baseball jackets. Spring 2010 would never be as striking without Tomas Maier's already iconic pieces. Now, all that we could ever associate with Spring 2010 menswear---aside from the equally sleek scuba-inspired fashions, are baseball jackets in an array of incredible colors. Pair these ones with simple, plain and neutral colored basic shirts and also slim cut trousers and grey canvas sneakers...Now THAT is striking indeed.

Nick Jonas bags---not only one, but three covers for the ever so cool VMAN magazine. For the February 2010 issue, the 17 year old goes deep and tells you why he's going solo and why he wants to be taken seriously. For more photos of the American idol, click here ----> VMAN. Another American idol, who's bound to hit it BIGGER is Blake Lively. Pretty much like Jonas, the Gossip Girl is bound to make it big in the movies and she chose to share the news to Esquire. For more photos of Lively click here---->Esquire.
Sure, they're both incredible people, but what's incredibly interesting is the similar concept and cover. I'm not sure if this is James Dean-inspired...But the slick hair combing and the black leather jackets remind me of the 50s? Or probably the 60s? And what's cooler is that both covers are fantastic!


Stateside, it's still snowing (and yet, nobody's stopping them from wearing these pairs0, but here in our small portion of the globe, the weather is drying up and one of the best solutions to solving sartorial dillemas, would be to trade in those much loved dark denims to Spring's white jeans. Seen in the runways and undeniably a classic piece, the white jeans would look good IF and only IF one knows how to wear them.
Sure it'd be great if you were tall and well-built, but since not everybody's model-like, make sure that when purchasing white jeans, it makes you look and feel better. Don't just grab a pair that seems your size.
GQ does the best styling when it comes to classic pieces that are being resurrected.
If you're feeling a little trendy----and if the weather permits you to, try sporting a baseball jacket (like Bottega Veneta's), a plain neutral colored shirt and canvas sneakers (really, it's the uniform of Spring 2010), and these white jeans. Just remember that wearing white jeans---no matter how "in" they are, entails a lot of responsibilities: knowing the best cuts, since these pairs have the tendency to add some weight down on your legs, AND being extra careful when eating...Obviously!


Channing Tatum's Dear John and that all-star cast of a film Valentine's Day are probably tempting date movies with the ladies this Valentine's season, but since you are a reader of THE EDGE and know that what we advocate here is of a different taste (not that the movies mentioned are bad ones...), give your and your lady's eyes some refreshing watching with one of the chicest, most interesting films of our time...Get yourself a copy---an original copy, of the James Deans' movie, Rebel Without A Cause. If you have wondered where the phrase came from, it's from Dean's movie and if you haven't heard of the legendary movie and style icon, James Dean, then it's really time to do some major rehab. He's the only man who could ever claim the title "King of Cool" and you wouldn't question why. Oh, and if you want to see who's Robert Pattinson trying to copy, watch the movie. ALSO, if you already know who Dean is and has never seen him in some odd PMS state, watching this movie would show you just that. When it comes to music, there is no other romantic crooner out there who deserves some constant replaying on your iPods than Frank Sinatra. Give your playlist some classy spin with tracks from Sinatra's old and timeless album entitled Duets. Bono, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Sting, Julio Eglesias and Barbara Streisand are a few of the artists Sinatra digitally sings with in this classic record. It's so good, I think there aren't any more copies around... The season calls for something legendaray. So spend the season with your legendary valentine with these legends.


It's the season of American Football and it's crazy Superbowl fun for all fans. Esquire has been giving much coverage of the American sport and its fans: from articles like Five Superbowl Weeks that didn't Go So Well by Peter Schrager, Superbowl Snacks: Three Benchwarmers That Deserve to Play by Tim Heffernan to New Gameday Recipes for Men by Kevin McDonnell, Esquire has got your football craze covered. Try these Pimento Cheese Sliders (above) from the recipe compilation of Kevin McDonnell. They might not be the healthiest thing in the world, but since it's Superbowl season, give yourself a break...

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