Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on DETAILS May 2010
Whenever there are multiple covers for a single issue I stop myself from going wild. It's really like having to choose a favorite child and sticking to that kid for life. God knows how much DETAILS costs here in Manila. So I really have to choose wisely. My mom's in the states and I'm thinking of having all three issues flown down here with her. Hmmm...
Anyway, the men of the ONLY commendable vampire series True Blood make it incredibly difficult for people like me to choose from three amazing covers. Well, not really amazing, but when you look at the three looking back at you, it really drives your heart pumping...Cause to me-a magazine freak-it does feel like having to choose a favorite child. And that's unfair. I know, pathetic. This is all me, rambling about magazines...
I used to watch the show and I pretty much know these three. Probably the best looking among the crop would be Aleksander Skarsgard. And that's most likely because he looks like a model...He might even be a model, I'm not quite sure. Next of course is Ryan Kwanten who's only thing you haven't seen would be his heart. His character doesn't know how to wear anything at all... Stephen Moyer is the oldest, right? And I just love it when he says Suki's name in that deep Southern accent. It's so cool.
Well, it's time to choose a favorite child...

source: DETAILS


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