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Stay true to fighting form as the summer continues.
THE EDGE's STARTER goes to super hero heights with this month's most interesting and best. Take to the cinemas and lose yourself in a wonderful journey of saving the human race from the wrath of the gods with Sam Worthington's The Clash of the Titans. Protect those eyes from the summer heat with hero-cool sunglasses from Super. Read on as Carlos Ruiz Zafon spins a coming-of-age tale you won't put down. Spare yourselves the "extra arm"---as GQ puts it----with these champion gold watches under $500. Welcome the fashion world's newest dark knight, Frank Muytjens of J.Crew, who's impressing us (with not just the chambray shirt) with a fresh new take on American style. It's all heroic here on THE EDGE so better start gearing yourself for a stylish, epic and thrilling season ahead.

>>>> GIVENCHY: Studded, gilded and just plain epic

Riccardo Tisci had me it really ever possible to look respectable wearing black shirts with golden stars and studs to a party? Would people worship me if I sported a studded plaid shirt? Truth is I couldn't carry these heroic pieces. And that's exactly what makes Givenchy's Spring 2010 collection one fit for the gods. Urban chic and tailored for the tough streets of the fashion world, Tisci's gladiator sandals in black and gold, tribal-inspired printed shirts and trousers and handsomely gilded shirts reminded me of heavenly beings---those gods and demi gods of Olympus---, descending down Earth for a match with the mortals.
Funny? Odd? Weirdly RocknRoll?'s just another epic collection from Tisci. Again, one that's fit for the gods.
source: TrendHunter

>>>>THE DEMI GOD: Sam Worthington and The Clash of the Titans
The once bricklayer from down under who's face you've been seeing a lot of lately (credentials: invited at the Oscars, lead role in Avatar, supporting role in Terminator Salvation) plays one fairly familiar role in this year's remake of the 1981 Mythology movie, The Clash of the Titans.

I saw it and it's a cool film. The plot is good, since it's a classic Greek story and the actors are pretty amazing too like Liam Neeson as Zeus and playing Hades is the talented Ralph Fiennes. Super model appearances by Natalia Vodianova whose Medusa is just way too pretty and Agyness Deyn as Aphrodite (though I really didn't see her).

The story is all about the people of Argos, rebelling against the gods and Hades, persuading Zeus to allow him dominion over the people, so that they could go back to believing in the gods' powers. Perseus, played by Sam Worthington is sandwiched-for the lack of a better term- between his fate as god and his fate as man (since he is the son of Zeus). And this far, all I could say is that, Perseus would do things for the sake of the "better good"...
Visually, this movie won't disappoint and most of the time, there are moments in the film that would make you laugh because you could put so much parody to it. Worthington, no matter how much of a fan I am of him, found it quite hard to affect audiences. Well, that's just me. But hey, I still like him a lot. Him doing some cool stunts and saying "touching" lines with his cool accent pretty much saves him. And for some reason, while he's walking about in a leather skirt, I find so much of a Russel Crowe in him. It's probably because of the Gladiator.Cool summer movie. Read up on Worthington on the latest issue of DETAILS with him on the cover.
source: DETAILS

>>>>SUPERHERO SHADES: Super Sunglasses
"A return to a classical and more elegant point of view..." is how Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE's Spring-Summer 2010 collection sounds---and of course---looks like. Sleek, elegant, minimalist and very, very cool. Most of this collection comes in unisex designs like the W (above) and are all made from sturdy acetate. The designs are inspired by the 70s and for people like me who believe in the power of sunglasses, Super's items are diamonds, really and the best part about everything is that they're simple and basic (which I really admire).
source: SUPER

>>>>THE BOOK ABOUT BOOKS: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon

I'm a bookie and I've been leaning towards reads that are either classic or New York Times Best-Sellers that are thrillers and full of mystery.

I went into a bookstore once, got myself Edith Hamilton's classic Mythology and had completely forgotten about getting myself a copy of Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind. If that sounds nice, try it in French, L'Ombre du vent or in its original Spanish, La Sombra del Viento.
I got to read its synopsis and it was love at first what I felt after reading synopses of The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted and Tom Rob Smith's Child 44. I hope I could get a copy of this one real soon...
Check out the plot from online:

Young Daniel Sempere is taken by his father to a place called the Cemetery of Lost Books where he is told to adopt a book to keep its memory alive. He adopts a book called “The Shadow of the Wind” by a writer named Julian Carax. After he reads the book he becomes obsessed with Carax and his work and begins a search for everything he can find out about the author. He is told that Carax was killed in a duel just before he was to be married to an older woman. He discovers that someone has been trying to destroy all of Carax's novels even though he has not been a very successful writer.

As Daniel grows older he discovers more and more about Carax. The more he discovers the closer the author's life comes to his own. Both are involved in love affairs with young girls whose families disapprove of them. Both affairs are discovered, and both men are separated from their loved ones. Carax never does find out what happened to his beloved.
source: AllReaders

J.Crew has been on the "marry" list of everyone inclined to get their pockets spending on smart, chic and classic sartorial purchases. It's all thanks to their new creative director Frank Muytjens, who's whipping the old American brand into superhero shape.

For this season (Spring and/or Summer) buying a Chambray Shirt is wise for more dressed up occassions like summer night outs to fancy city restaurants or some haute barbecueing at a friends' place. For the Philippines, I believe a chambray shirt is the grandest investment one could get (well, that's one and there's a white button down, classic black jeans and a handsome watch) since it's as flexible as a pair of trusty Levi's. It takes a man to so many occassions and it could be dressed up or down. It all depends on you and your style, but trust me, this is all worth it.
source: GQ

>>>>GOLDEN FINDS: Gold Watches under $500
Who said gold watches-quality ones too mind you-should cost you you and your mother's life? GQ has a list of the best looking and trusty watches that go from as low as $ 75 (Timex) to a still reasonably priced $445 (Emporio Armani). It's been one of the hottest accessories this season and they also never go out of style. Buying any of these cool models would guarantee you more than what you've actually paid for.
source: GQ


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