Sunday, May 16, 2010


"...the moon still far away from this Rockett..." was how Nicolas Lacson symbolically wrote of Jenny Rockett's dreams and aspirations for the May 2010 issue of ROGUE magazine. If it sounds odd here, read on in the issue to understand the story better.

ROGUE always does perfect covers. And the cover for Rockett was too beautiful (shot by Mark Nicdao). Second, Nicholas Lacson is the brother of a friend and I wanted to read another one of his cool cover stories. And finally, ROGUE makes incredible sense in a sea of mediocre local publications...Besides, having to get myself GQ every month is a painful stab at my wallet, with ROGUE it's more relatable, cheaper and stands next to international and relevant publications with the same prestige and quality. It's basically worth every peso...

Get yourself a copy to read on what makes Jenny Rockett more than just another half-this half-that leggy model. If you do like this issue, do yourself a great favor and get a subscription. It's elegant, it's masculine, it's sensible and it's LOCAL.

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