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Enjoy the last few days of summer with these cool finds from around the internet.
From cool---and controversial--- J. Crew limited-edition finds down to Britain's most sexy and beautiful cover girl, THE STARTER has May 2010 perfectly covered.

>>> The $ 148 J. Crew Shorts

GQ online has garnered much criticism by posting these pair of shorts from J. Crew. Unfortunately, they sell for $ 148 a pair and webusers are hating on it. Some were claiming they could replicate these shorts. Others thought this was insane for J. Crew and GQ to post. One even went on to relate his/her story of switching subscriptions to Esquire because of GQ's issues with its readers. Well, when you look at it, it's really an eye-brow raising issue. Real painters don't even think about doing such things since it happens to their pairs ALL the time. And people who feel like they have better things to buy would skip this... $148 ain't a joke. BUT, in my opinion, there are reasons why J. Crew's selling these ones for this much: according to J. Crew no other pair looks the same, these pairs are hand-painted AND it's J. Crew. If they're bashing on J. Crew, might as well bash on all the other brands that sell for crazy prices. I think this is cool. And it's a free world. Get yourself a pair if you have enough money or do some D.I.Y. if you feel like you can do better. It's all about style anyway, not the price.
source: GQ

>>> Back to AviatorsIn my book, there are only two designs of sunglasses that would stand the test of time: aviators and wayfarers. Both of which are---for me--American style staples. I came across this picture from JakandJil blogger, Tommy Ton (that man has great pictures) and had fallen in love with aviators again. Forgive my references but to me, it's all retro cool. Aviators look too good when people like a.) Brad Pitt and b.) Tom Cruise wear them. I keep thinking about Topgun posters and how Benjamin Button went riding his motorcycle in one super stylish moment in the movie. It's not easy to pull Aviators off cause it needs a handsome nose to sit on...Too bad not all Asian people like me are gifted with noses like theirs. Still, it's one of the best styles in fashion history.

source: JakandJil

>>> Some Coltrane

Let's face it, music now a days don't really come that great. Some stuff are good, some just a waste of iPod space. I'm a huge sucker for old songs and I find myself spending better time plugged into vintage tracks (and that's not cause I want to sound "intellectual" or "better". It's just my preference). John Coltrane is one of the best artists ever andprobably only a few could last one Coltrane performance. His songs could stretch for 13 minutes and more and that's cause he plays some mean, soulful saxophone. Compared to some 3 minute, blast in your ear drugged out beats, Coltrane's like a classic novel. This might make you cringe, but Coltrane is one good artist to drift away to when it's raining. Somehow, you wouldn't feel too sappy. Just a little sentimental, is all. Give some Coltrane a try and you'd understand why we don't make this good music anymore.

source: Kalamu

>>> Your New Favorite Bag

You probably've heard all about timeless style and the formula to it. I won't go into that, but you have to go into this: Mismo's Limited Edition "Petrol" Bags. Only sold at Tres Bien in London this July, the collection boasts of leather straps and soles for a timeless, elegant and easy look. Now, the formula to this one is that it's an easy bag to carry. You could go "Look Ma, no hands" with these since the strap allows you freedom of movement. You could bring this to the gym (though not really advisable, but if you want to really maximize it) and fit in all your stuff. If I had the money I'd get me one, carry it to class every single day and even on a lazy Saturday, fill it up with magazines and unread books and tissue, just to carry it around. Well, save yourself my pretentions and be smart because bags like these look great on anything: a linen suit and dress shoes, a plain white tee and beat up jeans, an organic hoodie, a purple windbreaker...Plus, if you take really good care of it, your little kids in the future could make this their chic book bags. And of course, we have to thank Selectism for sharing this to the world.

>>> Let's Listen to Rufus Wainwright

Check out what Rufus Wainwright has to say about 50 Cent...pretty...pretty...Hmmm...I don't know. I wonder what 50 Cent has to say?

Q: You've sung in Latin, you've referenced Thomas Mann, and your new album pays tribute to Shakespeare. What's your beef with the 21st century?

A: I am a little slower in my percolations. I like examining what's come before. But that said, I'm addicted to Real Housewives of Orange County and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I get sideswiped by the boobs, the hair, the butts, the jewels, the cars, the bad boys. And I love, love 50 Cent. I think he's just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he's gay.

Q: What makes you so sure?

A: That cute little voice of his. It's okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert.

>>> Great Filipino

It's so Filipino of all of us, how we only recognize our countrymen when they fly abroad, do something great, get credited and awarded for it by foreigners and then call them Filipinos. And this man, has given me a great reason to be proud of being a Filipino (I'm an aspiring writer, so this is a lot personal...If I were an aspiring boxer, I wouldn't care for this..Fortunately, I'm not one). The last person I know who's written something worth world-acclaim would be Jose Rizal. Miguel Syjuco's debut novel, Ilustrado, shows references to that man, that one true Filipino hero we all know. Here is the synopsis:

"It begins with a body. On a clear day in winter, the battered corpse of Crispin Salvador is pulled from the Hudson River—taken from the world is the controversial lion of Philippine literature. Gone, too, is the only manuscript of his final book, a work meant to rescue him from obscurity by exposing the crimes of the Filipino ruling families. Miguel, his student and only remaining friend, sets out for Manila to investigate."

For us Filipinos, this plot sounds pretty familiar...Congratulations to Miguel Syjuco. It makes me excited about writing...and winning like him.

source: Barnes& Noble


If Esquire has Christina Hendricks---the red-head bombshell from Mad Men, British GQ has Rosie Huntington Whiteley. There are people whom I really never understood how the hell they get bodies like this. Do they wake up one day, walking around like this, without even knowing it? What kind of genes do they have? Is there a possibility that we could "manufacture" future generations to look like this? Well, that was a bad queery. But, Rosie is just way too sexy to be put on a cover. This should've been blown up to cover the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China. Imagine, the very first magazine cover to be seen in outer space. I wouldn't mind. Those pouty lips, cool blue eyes and dangerous curves really make for an extremely sexy, yet sophisticated cover. The model walked for Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 show and her, being cast in the high, oh so skinny and mighty world of fashion means one thing:

Sexy is definitely back.



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