Monday, June 21, 2010


At first, Bottega Veneta seems to confuse for its slighty sporty edge & strangely relaxed fits.
Jackets hung loose, stylishly over perforated deep-necked shirts while wrinkled cotton trousers revealed leather sandals.
If there's one thing that took the show away it was Maier's mastery over different kinds of jackets: from fatigued ones to double-breasted versions, his outerwear were all creased and sublimely tailored, summing up much of Bottega Veneta's Spring 2011 look. It takes incredible technique and work to achieve such a worn-in look and that's why Veneta retails for so much.
Interesting pants came in olive loose ones with belted cuffs at the end and also a slew of monochromatic looks made going on a solo-color look effortlessly chic. After a while, Bottega takes Spring 2011 to familiar grounds, one most of us have been very well exposed to: an American lifestyle of exploration, travel and relaxation.
The loose fits allow men mobility, movement and a handsome look of ease. It might strike as too easy a collection that people might be overlooking the painstaking attention to material, detail and impeccable styling. But that's the power of Bottega's subtle, downright handsome and always luxurious.

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