Sunday, June 20, 2010


Decadent and festive and 100% of the time, ultra cool: meet Roberto Cavalli's man of Spring 2011.

Famous names and faces could fit into these silky and flowy clothes. From comedian Russel Brand to the legendary Elvis Presley, Cavalli's collection is tailor-made for men who have a better and a euphoric view of life and style.

What's mesmerizing is how much the magnitude and contrast of detailing play important roles in creating a look from this collection. Take for example one of the best looks to have come out this season: A fringed suede jacket and matching boot-cut trousers in cranberry covering up a finely printed long sleeved shirt revealing a semi-unbuttoned one in a shot of deep blue.

You see in there more than five colors in varying materials creating a look so rich, so extravagant yet deliciously chic and surprisingly far from tacky.
The dizzying magic of prints and texture in colors so fascinating like ocean blue, denim blue, jet black, berry pink, cream and white all collide unto perfect 60s-70s silhouttes.

It's very rock-n-roll minus the British punk slant. What tapers it down to a soothing and almost serene look is the dominance of silk and suede and fringes. Sleeves are loose. Necklines plunge to dangerous depths. Fringes on jackets and Chinese-collared shirts glide through the air, all in accordance to a vibe and look that pays homage to the glory days of retro cool rock-n-roll.
It's a celebration of life, really, and how good it is. If the world went on a high and danced to Mick Jagger, it'd look this rich and exciting.

source: GQ


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