Sunday, June 20, 2010


Corneliani's Italian detailing and American ease creates some timelessness for Spring 2011.

The first impression I had, clicking through the shots was how old American movie icons felt and looked right, sporting Corneliani's chunky cable knit sweaters (Steve McQueen's the only guy in mind actually). It's nothing new, really for we've seen so many of these cuffed trousers, ballooning on the sides and these three piece suits in heavenly whites, navys and creams.

What did attract me was its timeless appeal, how these looks transcend age and time. The best look, worn by Vladimir Ivanov is as basic and simple any man's look ought to be: a grey knitted cardigan, sand-colored t-shirt and loose khaki trousers held by a clean leather belt. The entire collection actually appealed as a seemingly mindless act of putting on fine-quality clothes, slipping on espadrilles and hitting the nearest waters for a business meeting at 2 followed by some indulgent drinks by the sea at 5.

The non-chalance and ease of the pieces make for great American style. But with painful attention to detail, such as tasteful color choices, two-toned button downs, carefully placed silk pocket squares, even that careless wrinkle that rippled over cool, pink trousers are all courtesy of Italian aesthetics. Those two styles combined make a perfect wardrobe of timeless summer staples that takes a man from hard work to pure relaxation.

source: GQ



  1. Okay, that's it. Again, very nice reporting. You and Sart are now my only necessary connections to menswear. So that part of my life is streamlined. Saw Tilda Swinton's new film today -- love her, love Jil Sander (although a couple of the looks fell flat. And if Tilda Swinton can't wear it, who can?) Very beautifully shot. Languid.

  2. Oh wow...putting me next to Schuman in a sentence feels odd. Well, now, I am awfully more pressured to write better.
    Thank you so much. This is humbling. Really.
    About that movie, is it called I am Love? jeeeezzz...I keep forgetting. I adore her. I also love the fact that she and Blanchett kind of look a like and starred in one of the best movies of all time (for me at least), Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I saw stills of her new movie, wearing Jil Sander and I knew I'd fall in love.
    God, I hope they show it here in Manila...
    How was the story?