Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's battle royale for the soldiers of Burberry.

Christopher Bailey sure knows how to up his game. From the success of his Fall 2010 military collection, he keeps the same level of luxury with heavy leathers and hard studs to replace his thick shearlings and furs. It's also the same look, tough yet painfully neat and put-together.

Every stitch and detail invested on this clean and rugged look would make for a perfectly modern warfare uniform: studs, multitudes of zippers and buttons, shiny leather boots and pointy loafers.
The colors, dominantly olive green and black might seem tiring to look at for others who's practically over this huge trend of military style, but for fans who believe the world's at a battle, it's just the beginning.
Camel colored coats softened the collection without looking buttery soft. Instead, it provided that little break from all the dark and shiny looks that stepped out on the runway.
A personal favorite would be the gauzy utility shirts tucked in finely cut jersey trousers. It takes to corporate confines with attitude and also looks stunning on any other occassion.

Trench coats came in varying lengths, all to serve that famous Burberry code of cool: collars up, skinny legs out and a neatly pressed shirt inside. Spring 2011 looks quite similar to a Fall collection what with the weighty outerwear (and that ultra-cool studded leather vest) and the slightly drab colors, but a hardcore Burberry guy would push limits to get himself a piece from this collection. Besides, for them, the world's about to head on to war so might as well stock up on the best warfare fashion there is.

source: GQ


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