Friday, June 18, 2010


Walking about on stony pathways lined by perfect greenery and covered by a heavy black sky after sunset, Jil Sander's army of hyper-colored male models was a wonderful display of brilliant styling and technique.
Raf Simons' last investment on color---as I remember---did not turn out this soft. Back in his wonderful Spring 2009 collection for Jil Sander's menswear, the colors were blues and yellows that felt stiff, hard. Here, the colors felt young, romantic but never foolish and acidic. This collection, with explorations on colors that are difficult to wear (for men who aren't white) like bright pink, yellow, aqua green, purple and a very beautiful burnt orange, it will take good styling and taste to pull off even the simplest of looks from this collection.
A break from all the energetic colors came in the form of smart tailoring strongly evident on black-on-black formal wear: perfectly tailored suits and trousers paired with plain white button downs and accessories with kicks of colors fresh from the looks that marched before them.
Attention must also be given to trenches and coats with pleated backs and the now Simons signature, the cinched waist.
Again, staying true to the Jil Sander codes of pure streamline aesthetics, this---though colorful, energetic and bright collection---Spring 2011 proved that it doesn't take so much to look much.

Check out more from Jil Sander's Spring 2011 collection at: source: GQ


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