Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's a bold-faced and full-on force of a show, every time Dolce & Gabbana hits the runway. The front row was no joke, seating Chase Crawford, Matthew McConaughey and Morgan Freeman among other, important guests close to each other, as if to channel a silent force that reflected pretty much the entire show. And since this is Dolce & Gabbana, expect the best faces of the modeling world walking for the Italian house's collection: Evandro Soldati, Francisco Lachowski, Mr. Tony Ward, Ryan Kennedy, Simon Nessman and the always shirtless face of the label, David Gandy. Annie Lenox performed emotional melodies for the models to walk to and it was just a watered down version of what this duo is famous for...their toxic kind of glamour.

This collection marks their 20th anniversarry in the world of fashion (my age) and for Spring 2011, it's a breezy trip down Italy. The corded shorts and trousers, cuffed and folded at the ends, revealed strappy leather sandals in black, dove grey and cream. Linen suits, wrinkled to perfection. Filmy black long sleeved shirts and light, body-hugging t-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters in different colors composed a look so effortlessly relaxed and clean. There were plenty to choose from for evening wear, classic Dolce & Gabbana suits in jet black, tailored sharp, elegant and sleek. Jackets came in basket-woven style and a multitude of slouchy sweaters (these ones are my favorite) knitted loosely were paired with soft khakis or light-washed ripped jeans. The colors---like Jil Sander to an extent---gave a sea-side slant to the clothes.

This has got to be my favorite collection of Dolce & Gabbana. The light greys, khakis, blues and blacks, the crisp linen suits and the loose sweaters, the ripped jeans and black-on-black ensembles: it's just so fresh without the restraints of razor-sharp clothing. Just by looking at the 90+ looks from the collection, it sort of takes me on a vacation to Sicily, allowing me the illusion of its fantastic scents, sights and sounds. It's just that beautiful.

source: GQ



  1. Beautifully written review, G. Every piece from this collection is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks a lot Christine. I usually write better if the collection's really good....
    I was wondering if you could do a review for this blog...I'm looking at Bottega and I am out of words. :(