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Cool finds from around the globe and the web, all for this July.

>>>THE READ: ROGUE Magazine
Literally, a DIVINE cover. One of Manila's most prominent and sexiest ladies, Divine Lee graces the much-reviewed and well-acclaimed men's lifestyle magazine, ROGUE .
The magazine celebrates its anniversarry this month and this cover, shot by the master, Mark Nicdao, just sums the years up perfectly. Aside from the smart articles and the informative writings, ROGUE is probably Manila's classiest book to date. It's always so relevant, sexy without verging on vulgar and one---among a few---really masculine magazines. Others just pale next to it. Everytime I get a copy, it makes me feel like owning a well-loved and treasured vintage watch. Like my grandfather, giving me an aged Cartier Santos that's painfully so handsome and elegant and tells time perfectly. I'd never stop looking at my wrist and that's exactly how ROGUE makes me feel. Grab a copy of the magazine to hit Manila's newsstands this Wednesday.

Ransom by Adidas Originals

Thanks to High Snobiety, I've turned into one, hi-cut shoe fanatic.
Ransom by Adidas Originals The Valley (such a long and cool name) presents their Fall 2010 offering.

It comes in suede and has simple detailing which amounts to perfect seasonless wearing. Well, not really, but if the skies are clear and the weather's quite fine, this is a handsome shoe to sport. Khakis, drop crotch trousers, straight to skinny jeans would look wonderful with these pairs. It comes in gunmetal grey and cool black. The shoe laces too are great.


Probably one of this generation's most recognizable and---dare I say---handsomest faces, Sean O'pry celebrates his birthday on July 4, America's independence day.

Gracing bold-named campaigns like Giorgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, ZARA, Bottega Veneta and a whole lot more, male model's the face as he is called, represents that sort of different American male archetype. Which is probably why the guy is one of fashion world's most favorite models (currently number 2 after Karl Lagerfeld's favorite, Baptiste)

source: Design Scene

>>> KEEPING IT SHINY & NEW with Hard GraftFor obsessives like me, you know, those of us who are so keen on keeping our gadgets and books as bright and shiny like they were always new, cases like Hard Graft's E-Reader are perfect investments. DETAILS magazine calls it the sleekest out there which means its serious craftsmanship, materials and style would make damn sure your iPads and other E-Readers would be in safe hands.

>>> Campus Spirit: UA&P Style

Here in Manila, people dress up. And most of the time, the ones I see (meaning the ones that get publicity) are pretty much kids who dress inspired by Tokyo and London street style. It's great...

Another thing I've noticed is that these kids who come
from prestigious universities like the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo all have been featured on fashion blogs managed and owned by people who populate these northern universities.
In my case, I am a huge fashion person. I may not look the part but I really admire great style and perfect taste and it really bothered me how people who study in my school, the University of Asia and the Pacific, don't get that much attention. People would be surprised that down our city and campus, students go to class like it's a party or like they're attending and sitting front row at fashion week. Others--like me---are more relaxed and boast sensible style, like one of my favorites (left, Ivan Lim). Either way, University of Asia & the Pacifc (UA&P) is a pretty stylish university with a mix of cool, cool styles. Though don't take us the wrong way and think that kids at our school have no brains. This is just an appreciation of style.
That's why I created--- with a team of talented friends who live fashion and double as photographers and "spotters"---UA&P Style. It's a street style blog inspired by personal and international favorites (Jak and Jil, The Sartorialist, Streetfsn, Garance Dore) chronicling the daily uniforms of my school mates. It's already pushing 1,200 visits in just three days. Check out what we wear to class and how Filipino college kids dress like.

>>>WEDDING STYLE according to GQ

I've attended a beautiful wedding once, back in December 2009. The bride was a friend and all I could remember was how immaculate she looked, how handsome her husband was and how plain and awful I was.

The good thing about being a guy is that attending formal occassions call for minimal dressing. Unlike women who naturally fuss over the difference between way too similar looking shoes.

But then again, people like me who feel like looking--at least---presentable is a good sign of respect to others, dressing up for a wedding was a pretty difficult task.

Good thing GQ has a guide of looks one ought to wear on different summer weddings.

I especially like this laid-back, easy elegant look for a beach wedding. Knowing Philippine weather, this ensemble looks like a welcome call for sauna-like sweating. But of course, on a summer wedding, light weight materials are protocol. And we also must keep in mind that looking presentable is another rule. Check out more of GQ's well-styled looks for wedding guests this season.


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