Tuesday, June 29, 2010



You could just imagine the excitement I had reserved for Prada's menswear collection. I have a list of big-time designers that I eagerly anticipate for every time fashion week hits the digital world (cause God knows I have no money to at least camp outside Paris' hotels or what have you venues while these shows unfold) and whenever these collections pop up on my favorite websites, I literally go and hyperventilate. Sadly, Miuccia Prada's collection for Spring 2011 didn't win me over. I still hoped for some of her Fall 2009 menswear collection's magic that I had loved. There was something about this new collection of hers that I didn't get, which is why I never made a review about it. This was just saddening for me.

Then came The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman and the genius of his vision. I saw this picture of his on his famous blog and it was enough to make Prada's confusing collection something to review and think about for one last time.

There is something about the science and straight lines of the white runway and ceiling framing the expanse of a semi-lit random mix of faces on the audience with that model up front sporting a bright, cool sweater with colorful stripes that just makes you feel alive.

It strikes me as energetic, young, fresh and surprisingly restrained.

The reason why Scott Schuman is one of today's best photographers is because he gives viewers a chance at some new perspective. He allows people to look at things differently. And that's the reason why I have his book, frequent his blog and hope that one day, I too would be worthy of a picture from the master himself.


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