Friday, July 16, 2010


THE BIRD & THE BEE Interpreting the Masters
If there'd be one good thing that came out of the 80s (in my opinion) it'd be Hall & Oates. My mom loves this duo and when I played the CD once, she liked it. Of course, nobody beats the original especially when it comes to singing One on One, but it's quite rare to come across handsome revivals/covers. The Bird & the Bee did quite a fantastic job. They tweaked the songs enough to recognize it's original form and also breathe some present cool into it. I also love the fact that Inara George's voice registers as haunting and breezy that makes the songs a little less hyped up. For a change, grab yourselves a copy of the CD. Sure you could always download the entire album, but prizing it as a start of an awesome collection (cause it's just the FIRST VOLUME) is worth every single dime.

Put on replay: Private Eyes, She's Gone, I Can't Go For That

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