Friday, July 16, 2010


GQ August 2010

There came a time when Terry Richardson's pictures just made me sick. That was in September, when Richardson was all over the pages of important publications. After a much needed break, Terry Richardson reprises his role as one of the most humorous photographers of our time. GQ celebrates three of America's funniest men and who better capture their genius than Terry Richardson. On the cover is Paul Rudd, who really makes for a perfect, perfect GQ cover. I have always associated GQ with kick-ass humor---sometimes a little cynicism---and cool, cool guys. Paul Rudd is all that.

It's typical GQ sure, but it's a breath of fresh air (no offense Taylor Lautner), seeing Rudd's face on it. Terry Richardson too, of course, deserves an applause for his talent.

source: GQ


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