Monday, July 12, 2010


W Magazine August 2010

A perfect couple, the super handsome Jon Hamm and the extremely cool Rebecca Hall pair up for both W magazine's August 2010 issue and The Town, a film to be released on September. The movie, directed by Ben Affleck shows the two in a "complex" story of trauma and crime. Sounds pretty good to me, but what makes it exciting is the on-screen chemistry. I am a big Mad Men fan---though I stopped watching because of responsibilities---and it's mostly because of Jon Hamm's old Hollywood appeal that I've been looking for. Rebecca Hall, which I have only the slightest idea of, has the looks of awesome actresses. I guess it's her raw beauty that's most appealing. This issue, I will be getting. And it's also under the new editor, Tonchi.

source: W


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