Saturday, July 31, 2010


August finds, iconic celebrations, new blogs, cool gadgets and fall fashion essentials all from around the web.

>>> YSL's Legend

Had the icon been alive, it would be his 74th birthday today (August 1). Much of the fashion world has gone deep into mourning when he passed away years ago but his influence and impact has surely not died. He's changed the face of women's wear and had given men an elegance unparalleled even up to now. To the man who believed that style is eternal, fashion people the world over praises him for such excellent talent, taste and passion for beauty. Happy Birthday Yves and may fashion wear one of your Le Smoking originals forever. illustration: ToonPool

I've been incredibly inspired lately by so much visual candy and people from the internet (Institution of Style is also a huge part of this) that I decided to finally open myself up to a personal, style-inspired diary. It does get deep sometimes but I make sure it won't be too personal that readers won't be able to relate. I also made sure it reads like humorous commentaries on fashion (especially over super smoldering model Sean O'Pry). Check out the great photography from and by friends, what I've been doing, my style and looks and the hundreds of inspirations I take from. Visit Salt now. photo of my watch: Lesley Choa for Salt


For August, GQ has always been about the comedy and humor. That's American GQ. Check out what German GQ has to offer. Nothing funny here I should say. A sexy, almost perfect Lindsay Lohan poses for the gentleman's magazine looking every inch a classy, modern pin-up girl. The colors are fantastic and the treatment of the photograph is dreamlike. Tt does feel like one warm afternoon when nothing else matters but Lindsay's adorable bathing suit. Oh forget about her court drama, it's time for some Lindsay loving now. photo:


Esquire magazine collected some of Fall 2010's best, impulse buying-worthy goods. One of them---among a dozen of perfect splurges---is this Hermes weekender. A man's bag should always be spare of fancy trimmings but never look like a dull paper bag. It should also serve him well, like a trusty assistant. But most of all, it should be worth every single penny. This bag is not a joke. Of course we know that anything Hermes is of the highest and premium quality of craftsmanship and material, so basically, even if this one bag costs almost (swallow hard) 10 grand, you know that even the chicest grand son would enjoy the pleasures of this beauty. Go on and knock yourself off with falling in love over a bag this perfect.

If you're complaining about music nowadays, the ones the radios play twenty times over a day, get yourself plugged in and clicking on one of the internet's best websites (for me). Potholes in My Blog
gives musically famished fans a taste of legit tracks for free. Who said great music comes with a price? Onra (a current favorite of mine) is here and other unpretentiously cool artists that don't sound like any of those we tire of listening on mainstream radio. Also, if you're not so much into those indie, kiddie stuff, I think this one's got you covered. photo: Theodore3

Wired magazine brings you Fridgepad, one of the iPads best companions to date. Made from aluminum with giant magnets on the back, it mounts the gadget in front of the fridge, allowing you the luxury of mobility around the kitchen. And while you play Iron Chef about your own kitchen, you could do just about anything else on your iPad far away from it. It's worth every cent and it costs $78.

Who said bow ties only come in soft materials? Check out what Mr. Talented has to offer for those of you who appreciate quirky style and fashion. The Dice bow tie collectoin comes in different colors, mostly in classic blacks and whites. Gamble with and in style and surely you'll win much following after sporting any of Mr. Talented's crazy cool ties. It's a bit pricey though but it wouldn't amount to the "ooohss" and "awwws" you'd get.

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