Friday, July 30, 2010

By now, everybody's heard of the movie Inception. There's probably a group out there who'd camp out cinemas everyday just to understand and dissect this year's most brilliant movie into tiny, comprehensible pieces. Because, seriously, it takes deconstruction to fully savor the beauty of this movie. And as I've mentioned before, this has to be my number one favorite of all time.

It's almost close to achieving a perfect movie status. But for those of us who take to the movies with an extra pair of eyes, the look and fashion also play major roles in any film's success.
Lo and behold, Inception not only delivers in the style department, but it established a new iconic style that generations after would surely reference to. Esquire magazine has an interview from behind-the-scenes with the movie's genius of a stylist/costume designer Jeffrey Kurland who's painful attention to detail, research and immaculate taste deserves an Oscar. Check out on Esquire, what he has to say about Sato's looks, the subtle differences amongst the characters' costumes and most of all, who the hell made those suits that Leo, Joseph and everybody else wore?


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