Monday, July 26, 2010


The end of July is technically summer in the west and wet down east, but the best things about seasons like these are the flexible Spring clothes.

CREEP by Hiroshi Awai seems like a smart choice for weathers like Manila's. Despite the rains, it'll never hit freezing point here, so it's alright to whip out some cash on these ones cause I'm sure even in the coldest of January, they'd still look fantastic and relevant. Of course, up in the West, these clothes take to the back of the shelves for warmer weathers, but with a little bit of layering they could still make for cool Fall essentials.

I especially love this toggle coat in red. Combined with the khaki shorts and a salmon shirt, it reads rainy summers and crisp springs. For fall, a darker shade of khakis, thicker shoes and a thicker shirt would be just as handsome.

Check out more from the collection on Selectism

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