Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ROGUE Magazine August 2010
You know how people anticipate magazine covers (and of course, the people who are on it) like it's the only thing that matters? When it comes to ROGUE magazine, anticipations are always, most certainly met. It's actually a no-brainer for me anymore, because this is ROGUE we're talking about. If it's only just about covers ROGUE always has it...hands down. Whenever I look at the magazine it's as if you're seeing disciples of great taste at work and that impeccable standards would play as their only commandment. And it's not just perfect eye candy...It's a sleek smart read too which is also one big reason why they have such a following.

For their annual "Appetite Issue" a stellar, goddess-like Georgia Schulze-del Rosario bares just about enough to keep you hooked. It's Mr. Nicolas Lacson again who penned the cover story and the ultra talented Mark Nicdao taking to the lens. L.A. Consing Lopez---as always---does a flawless work at styling, making sure that the ladies look decent and extremely sexy. Calling it a fantastic job is such an understatement.

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