Monday, August 30, 2010


Meet Luigi Alba, University of Asia & the Pacific freshman and blogger, whose style takes some serious taste and cool humor to perfect. He (colorfully) shares with THE EDGE his rules of style: why comfort should also ride with a well-chosen trend, why brands aren't always the measure of good looks and why flipping the finger is boyish, but mother f-ing gratifying.

1.) Comfort is still numero uno when it comes to clothes. But it could hitch with a trend, just choose wisely.

2.) Staples remain staples. Don't hesitate to put on an Oxford shirt and tuck it in an old pair of khakis: they'll be just as classy in the year 3000.

3.) Sneakers may be the "in" thing now, but don't let loose of those loafers. They always come in handy in casual or formal affairs.

4.) A blazer will undoubtedly punch up a shirt-and-jeans look. Invest in one ASAP, because it certainly creates a big difference. There's somewhat a shift in dimensions, when one wears this "enchanted" piece.

5.) Don't be anxious to mix and match, chances are they'd go together. If not, just walk tall. But if you can't, then don't even bother to step out that door.

6.) Classic looks are unquestionably elegant, but sharpen it up with some modern touch.

7.) Brands are just trademarks sewed on fabric. Choosing something because of its brand rather than its looks, is bull crap.

8.) Boys will be boys. If someone disses your appearance, give them the middle finger...with conviction.

9.) Be a pirate. Do not restrict yourself to a set number of brands....or looks. The world is big enough to house millions of others.

10.) Carpe Diem.

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  1. I personally like 8 and 10. This kid can write. I like :)