Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of the things that a man (or woman) should own is a grey sweater.
A timeless, ageless and classic wardrobe is never complete if a grey sweater's missing. Along with your pressed white shirts, slim khaki trousers, black leather jackets, suits and denim jeans, the grey sweater is just as relevant as any of these pieces.

King of Cool, Steve McQueen had immortalized the grey sweater in The Great Escape and for quite some time, his look has been the peg for the stylish and conscious set. Angelina Jolie looks as sexy when she's--- you know wearing close to nothing--- in her loose grey sweater, skinny jeans and heels. Drake's slouchy double-grey version on his latest music video Find your love is inspiring, even when it's incredibly spare. My own sweater is thin enough to wear in tropical weather and is also recommendable for colder climates with the help of layering. Dries Van Noten's Fall 2010 grey sweater came in a neat, dark shade with black cuffs, paired with strictly tailored olive green trousers and black patent shoes and it's perfect.
But what's the fuss about anyway? It's just a sweater after all...

Dries Van Noten's Fall 2010 Look # 36

Angelina Jolie sexy as hell in a grey sweater

The grey sweater goes beyond classic elegance. It's probably one of fashion's most flexible items since it's incredibly basic and the color goes with most things. A black sweater's too heavy for those rainy summer get-aways, a white one too pure and difficult to wear for some complexions. Grey achieves the balance between the heavy and the immaculate, and a lot of people look good wearing the color. Whether it's a gunmetal grey (one I really love) dove grey or granite, there will always be that handsome shade you would want to and can wear with virtually anything. Go vintage and iconic with a dark grey crew neck with trim khaki trousers. If you're in the mood for something easy but still dressed up, opt for a slimmer sweater, black straight-cut jeans and desert boots. For corporate measures, layer yours on top of a clean white button down and tuck it in black slacks and for some added sophistication, don a navy silk tie and it's an instant seriously chic look.

The crewnecks above (left: Topman, middle-down: J. Crew, right: Gap) are only some of the lots of grey sweaters available everywhere and they're not difficult to scout. But the best reason why the grey sweater is in fact a proper style investment is its easy access to all the possible seasons. Again, during those rainy summer days, anything black would make you sweat too much and a cover up such as a grey sweater, in a light fabric doubles as a stylish suit of armor and protection from the natural elements. Definitely in the fall, it's a must and even if it's as diaphanous as a feather, it could still get you through the cold with proper layering. Along with your trusty pair of Chucks, those black croc belts you always go to and that institution of a shirt---the white button down--- the grey sweater stands as a classic, elegant and handsome piece that would never go out of style. Surely, no grey areas about that.


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