Friday, August 20, 2010

Before heading off to bed, I breezed through an article on the August 2010 issue of DETAILS. Artisanal America was informative and it shows readers the shift of consumers from buying mass produced goods to purchasing from small, independent, homegrown (meaning American made in this case) companies that truly is en vogue. Now, it's all about getting the goods made in the most careful, smallest batches and means, just because people now a days strive for things truly original.

If you are, one of these men who advocate for the special and the unique, Taylor Stitch is definitely one to check out. I stumbled upon it on a new favorite visit of mine, Valet Mag and felt the need to share this to everyone who reads the EDGE because a.) it just made sense to me all this whole cultural movement to the "new" consumerism & b.) my blog is all about having an edge anyway.

Taylor Stitch offers well-made button up shirts, so classic in appeal and so modern in its production that shelling out $100 plus for a shirt seems justifiable. Based in San Francisco, the all-American store/company offers clothes made in the US that cater to the purist of fashion consumers and those who appreciate having things no one else (or at least a few) has. If their ready-to-wear designs do not fit you, they sell for the same price ones that are custom-made for your specifications.

If only they ship to the Philippines, I'd want me all three of their Oxford shirts. The only problem is, for me anyway, is that they don't come in the usual, retailer sizes---the Small, Mediums, Larges. If you're one not familiar with the 30-somethings of shirt sizes, it's best to study their size charts and diagrams first before purchasing an item you'll soon treasure forever.

Check out their collections and buy now at Taylor Stitch


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