Saturday, August 28, 2010

ROGUE Magazine September 2010

Staring at it and having it framed does not give it justice.
Once again, the ROGUE team proves victorious for an issue that I have been waiting for since, God knows when.
The first impression I had of it was that it looked like a Vanity Fair issue, but then this is more serious and sophisticated. Vanity Fair is of course, as sophisticated but they inject humor in their covers.
Beautiful job for photographer Mark Nicdao and for stylist L.A. Consing Lopez. Couldn't wait to get my copy (and around five hundred more) of this issue. Especially when it's about Style & Design.
If you're still not aware, ROGUE is a local publication, published by Filipinos for Filipinos and if you think this sells for 500 pesos, it doesn't. And if it did, nobody would mind.

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