Friday, September 24, 2010

7TH MAN MAGAZINE Fall/Winter 2010

Supermodel Sean O'pry in black and white for the freshman magazine, 7th Man Magazine, is most definitely one to devour.
Mostly focused on great photographic editorial and pioneering a pretty 21st century publication breakthrough (their so-called "Videotorials"), 7th Man Magazine's Fall/Winter 2010 issue is just as promising as their first one.

Comparable to other new men's magazines, it seems like 7th would be one of those responsible for pushing the style and cultural boundaries of men and fashion in today's world. And I could see, from the cover, that this magazine is also one of those dependable for the male model's career.
Who knows, maybe in the next few decades, fashion would finally give more attention to the male models than their ultra famous female counterparts.


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