Friday, September 24, 2010


Fall is up and about in the West and down here, Manila, it's only a few degrees cooler.
Whichever part of the globe you claim home to, it's never too cold or too hot to get yourself a timeless, nautical staple: braided rope bracelet.
All the coolest guy editors and style disciples put their wrist-fashion to the shows, pairing their classic steel-bracelet watches with colorful rope bracelets. Instantly, the seriousness of it all gets a quick, witty and unabashedly cool kick.

And since there's this entire movement towards home-grown, artisanal America, all Kiel James Patrick products are rrafted and handmade in Rhode Island America, which is most definitely a plus for the American economy.
But what's most charming about these Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelets is probably the story it brings...Kiel James Patrick's website shares the most fantastic childhood memories and it adds incredible character to the already chic bracelet.
And just before my birthday, I think I'm getting me one shipped.
There are more wonderful selections on Kiel James Patrick.


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