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It's this close to Christmas and if you're like me, pretty much giftless for the ones we love, then this last minute round-up of the TOP  TEN awesome gifts to give would soothe the Holiday stress you and I are in. Sourced from the net's style blogs and online magazines, this is how chic and bright last minute shopping could get.

And like most swell male models, tapping into their business savvy proved quite the kick the fashion industry needed, what with everyone falling in love with bracelets and bracelet watches. This unisex tie bracelet is a limited edition item, churned by JvdF's Justin von der Fehr a former model who takes inspiration from his grandfather's vintage ties and billfolds. This baby's been fashioned with such great materials like an old repp tie and lizard skin and it's quite a chic addition to all those braided leather ones we love. Getting this for a girlfriend isn't such a bad idea.

>>> Tokyomilk Wrapped Soap
The base of all beautiful scents of men and women is a good bar of soap. You will be praised by your girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, close girl friends when you present them Tokyomilk's Wrapped Soap. Get the aesthete in them swooning courtesy of the soap's specially hand-illustrated covers and get their senses in a trance (yours included) the moment they lather up in these soap's dreamy scents.You rarely come across these diamonds, when the package is equally beautiful as the content.

>>> fragment design + Kangol Jacquard Earflap Pull-on Beanies
Collaborations between established and up and coming or pretty hot labels aren't just in as of the moment, but are also producers of one-of-a-kind items like fragment design + Kangol's efforts for the Jacquard Earflap Pull-on Beanies. While it's cold, and it'll always be cold, these quirky selections would fit brothers, sisters, buddies and those close lady friends well. And throw one in for yourself too.

>>> Analogue Life for Wallpaper
For the highly sophisticated, domesticated Mr./Ms./Mrs. (or you) whose the snobby type when it comes to tableware, Wallpaper magazine and Japanese Analogue Life tag teamed to create a limited edition line of wooden tableware made out of "200 year old strips" of bent wood. A big plus is that this line has the "hand-made" reassurance our generation's so mad about lately. Imagine the craftsmanship there and you know you'll be winning his/her/your high aesthetic desires with this collaboration.

>>> Left Field Ivy Crew Sweater
Easy going guys who have a knack for style would be pleased to receive NYC's Left Field Ivy Crew Sweater. It's got all the good stuff of a basic sweater (the 1940s design, the merino wool, the slim fit), one that's best paired with cords or khakis, beat-up jeans, pyjamas even and by the same time next year, another one in a different color would still be a treat.
>>> Proenza Schouler's PS1 Satchel
A lady knows the impact of a chic accessory, especially if it's a bag. For that special girl whose worth more than what your money could afford, get her a PS1 Proenza Schouler. All of the fashion insiders and fans are going gaga over this and when it's wrapped in its box under her (or your) tree, she'll definitely fall deeper in love with you.

>>> Air Fork One 
It might sound sappy, but we all know that our friends who have kids enjoy the holidays better if their kids are all bright and happy. You may not have that enough money to give them an iPad but you do see the fun in giving them a fork that's also a plane...Well, not literally one that could fly, but as Esquire puts it, it saves them the hassle of having to pretend that a fork's one. Thank you Air Fork One for making eating such a ride.

>>> Muji Dopp Kit
One of the best things you could give a man is a sense of order. Without being a nagging mother figure he'd never need, visit everyone's favorite MUJI for your friend, best friend, officemate, brother, uncle, dad, or your old enough son's dopp kit, one that's simple, no non-sense and well organized enough to remind him that his vanity goods (and his life too) needs all the proper compartments. 

>>> Kate Moss by Mario Testino
You couldn't possibly pass on this one, when it's for you, for him, for her, for them...Why? Well, it's a book of perfect photos of no one else, but one of our generation's pop icons/super duper models: Kate Moss. To up the game, it's all by master lensman Mario Testino. The only reason I see fit to say no to Kate Moss by Mario Testino if you really don't know who Kate Moss or Mario Testino is (which I highly doubt).

>>> Rolex Bamford Watch
Okay, so maybe this one isn't much of a last minute purchase, but you do feel it sometimes, that romantic pull of a shiny new something you'll find all the reasons in the world to make sure you get it and it's worth the painful penny.
As a reward for all your hard-working hours this year, meet your handsome ease into the legend that is Rolex
The awesome people at the Bamford Department will be your personal chef into cooking the personal experience of a Rolex.
Check out for the watch's classic designs and start spicing it up to meet your every cool specifications.
It starts at a heavy $7,000 and depending on your whims, it will most likely climb higher...
But do remember that the reason why it's on this list, is because just maybe, at the last minute you remember that you're worth a splurge too just as much as your loved ones.
After all, being  giving deserves a bright present for ones self too.

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