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Welcome the new year with a fresh, brand-new formula, as THE STARTER guides you through a shortlist of things, styles, people and ideas worth the first month of 2011.

Down South appeal @ Billy Reid

>>> Southern Charm
The picture is of Mark Twain's most loved characters: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Those two, at an age of sophistication after much exposure to modern style manuals and having an experience of real life work, breeds Billy Reid's charming Southern chic Spring 2011 collection of loose trousers, denim pieces and a color palette so rich, buttery and light it'll jump start your New Year with bolt of young and vibrant energy. Pick up the style or at least find inspiration in the well-curated collection, one that's truly Southern yet superbly handsome in appeal the world over. 

Go for the weave from GQ

>>> Doing The Weave
A few more months and Spring's sunny, cool breeze will be sweeping the cities yet again. Trade in those elegant croc skin belts for one that's just as perfect: braided, woven belts by designers we all love. Wear them with light colored jeans and this season's favorite pairs of soft Popsicle hued Chinos, for that ideal spring/summery look.

The secret from FinerCut

>>> The Block
Wherever you are, the face of the planet is much exposed to the sun's rays, sometimes good for you, often times quite the opposite. That's why they tell you never to stay too long out after a certain time. Proven to keep skin healthier, not to mention younger, a good protection from its rays does everyone great...yes, even during winter times. Get yourself a bottle of Jack Black's Oil-Free Sun Guard, one that feels so light it's almost not there...But surely, it delivers heavily.

Brando going for a Hamilton from ValetMag

>>> Tireless Time (or Style)
By now everybody's understand the difference between having the now and having timeless style. Marlon Brando's quiet accessory of choice---like most of his contemporaries, is made in America Hamilton watch from the early 60s. ValetMag's Cory Ohlendorf goes for a time piece immune from tirelessness and you know exactly why.

Getting over the holiday booze from DETAILS

>>> The Rinse
A hangover is one tough act to follow. Thank God there's a simple solution to what seems like a burden of drugstore goodies. Check out DETAILS' quick, easy rinse of sorts from all that booze: half-glass of apple juice plus half more of water and a pinch of sea-salt.

High-Tops by Gucci from HighSnobiety

>>> Italian Kicks
Gucci's notorious for combining street style with the high elegance of Italian aesthetics and where else would we find an awesome pair that mends both the low and the high than from the famous luxury label? Gucci's deep chocolate high-tops trimmed with leather laces, their house colors and the tiny preview of its signature inter-locked "G"'s from the ankles makes for a swell option for Spring. 

Aqua dreams of Hugo Boss from DesignScene

>>> Sea-side Romance
Two of this season's most valuable faces, the smoldering Ms. Abbey Lee Kershaw and the old-school charmer Mr. Ben Hill team up for a beach-side affair in aqua dressed by and for Hugo Boss's Spring 2011 Campaign. This has spring and summer written all over it and the colors plus these two beautiful people's faces make it all the more an arresting campaign.

The elegant, industrial choice from Selectism

>>> Clean, Elegant Laundry
Dandux gives you its cool, industrial style laundry carts made out of fine materials such as "rugged steel and heavy-duty canvas". Tire of those plastic baskets that you tote around and go for something more with a vintage-appeal and at the same time perfect functionality. It's about time you start putting your place (and your laundry of course) into better shape.


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