Monday, January 17, 2011


PRADA Spring 2011

The stunning Mr. Chabernaud for Prada

Maybe Prada's Menswear Fall 2011 collection didn't win me over for a review (which doesn't take away from the great talent of Miuccia Prada) but what's winning me over is their Spring 2011 campaign. Fall's was moody, all jazzy and themed, and this season they go straight-to-the-point by doing it clean and all handsomely pristine. Prada boys never looked this good as the headliners show: Clement Chabernaud, Harry Goodwins, Julius Gerhardt and Kim Dall Armi are amazing, handsome faces. It's also the bright, sophisticated colors that pop out of the super bale blue and white combination of backdrops that keep this campaign fresh and vibrant without ever looking so juvenille or forced.
To Prada, this one is definitely one of the finest campaigns 


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