Monday, January 17, 2011



Terron Wood and the pack of "undone" boys at Bottega

Tomas Maier has proven that where he takes Bottega Veneta for 2011, men will most definitely want to go. It's safe to say that the master of rugged elegance will always have something to satisfy every man's sartorial hunger pang. His acknowledgment of the "limitations" of menswear has worked as advantages for the designer instead of, well, limitations.

As the first looks come down in a march of gray, one realizes that the color allows the signature craftsmanship at Bottega to shine: the noise of a suit buttoned handsomely with its upturned collar and its trousers cut comfortably, elongates an already tall Clement Chabernaud and since it's paired with a lighter gray shirt, the effect is totally slimming and strong. Then again, there is a smooth slouch to Bottega that makes their clothes incredibly beautiful that only good money and great talent can afford. It's the styling that goes second at Bottega, matching this with that and each look produced, a hit after the other...

So it continues, in this brooding gray mood gradually evolving into a heavy navy blue when finally, Maier teases the eyes with bright color, introducing punches of a fierce orange and lime green on cords paired with  chunky cardigans or long coats in charcoal or gray. Then Sean O'pry walks out in a breath-taking punchy blue coat that's brilliantly tailored, you'd understand that the smile the supermodel wore was most likely because his look surely rocked.

And just like all good stories and collections, after reaching the highest point in color, it had to go back to a sleek calm in the pieces, where forest green was matched with a soft, buttery black leather raincoat, an even paler moss wrapped by a double gray sports jacket carrying the same sort of inky noise the collection wore. Of course, the section of sumptuous leather jackets in mocha, black and camel proved to be the best parts of the show, making sure that, as mentioned above, all kinds of stylish needs are met for a season that calls for layering, smart dressing and high-quality materials.

True to his talent, the over-all look of Bottega for 2011 calls to mind the well-established look of the rebels, the Brandos, the Deans, the McQueens and Newmans, and all of them saints of style men have worshiped for ages...But the most fascinating thing about Maier at Bottega Veneta is his true wisdom of what men really want and what clothes are supposed to do for people: Just make them look great.




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