Sunday, January 9, 2011



TIME magazine's Great American Novelist, Jonathan Franzen, whose Freedom has to be one of this generation's most relevant pieces of literature, is featured in The Paris Review... The novelist shares some of his insight into writing, being a "good writer" and also shares a lot about his life...

"On Freedom:
When I was younger, the main struggle was to be a “good writer.” Now I more or less take my writing abilities for granted, although this doesn’t mean I always write well. And, by a wide margin, I’ve never felt less self- consciously preoccupied with language than I did when I was writing Freedom. Over and over again, as I was producing chapters, I said to myself, “This feels nothing like the writing I did for twenty years—this just feels transparent.” …  I was admittedly somewhat conscious that this was a good sign—that it might mean that I was doing something different, pressing language more completely into the service of providing transparent access to the stories I was telling and to the characters in those stories. But it still felt like a leap into the void."

Read more of the interview on The Paris Review.


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