Saturday, January 15, 2011



David Agbodji in one of Corneliani's best looks

There's a post-war feel to the handsome looks offered at Corneliani, those that cover the survivors of it and the rich men who were unscathed by it. It also helped that the casting for the show was punctuated by the swell and well faces of modeling, making the collection one incredibly pleasing show. The sterling men of the post-war world donned in light, long coats and three-piece suits, seeing better with tortoise shell glasses with shawls to keep their expensive selves  warm, while the others are in top shape covered in rugged drab or night-like blue military regalia looking every bit the victors of countries at war. 

The key items, like most fall collections would have it are outwear: long coats in grainy tweed, knit cardigans and sweaters, wide-lapeled coats and military-inspired jackets. Taking the cue from decades of groomed style, the looks at Corneliani boast a classic blueprint, which we all are very familiar with like the heavy influence of industrial looks and soldier style. 

When interpreted in delicious hues like buttery camel, pale blue, deep olive, navy blue, a tired kind of brown and gunmetal gray, the clothes suddenly fit a man of whichever era, from the 20s to probably a decade far from today. And it's exactly the hypnotic quality to the collection: the handsome men of the world dressed head-to-toe in Italian luxury looking every bit inspired, wise and truly stylish without the pains of looking too period-y and flamboyant.

That takes great talent and taste and Corneliani's definitely a testament to that. 




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