Sunday, January 16, 2011


the color that did it, Jil Sander's Look # 30

Reviewing Raf Simons' Jil Sander Fall 2011 collection was a tricky one, cause at first it felt tired that it's the same color palette one sees from the energetic Spring 2011 collection...But after a while, it's not so much the getting used to that made me stay but rather the power of color that drew me in, the same magnet that kept me back in Spring 2011.

Trademark Sander is the sleekness of the collection, where and when things go a little bulky, it never makes the wearer pathetic to look at for at Jil Sander everything is sewn to perfection. If ever jackets came in with elegant wrinkles, it's intended to be just that, if trousers sported waves courtesy of wearing, then it's supposed to be that way...Parkas and t-shirts in cool, techno fabrics made it impossible to leave since they wore the finest details that are easy to miss on a computer screen. But one knows that, again, if it's made by Raf Simons and under the name of Jil Sander, it's bound to be flawless.

Colors took as much of the story as the simplicity of Jil Sander did. It works, I believe, because the aesthetics of the label allows for, say, a powerful color story without ever overwhelming the basic design. Imagine these super saturated colors done in painful, extravagantly detailed clothes like a studded leather vest in a Jil Sander Fall 2011 orange? Colors like a heavy mustard, immaculate white, the uniform gray, a deep punchy blue and an almost 3D-lending effect of an orange have in fact graduated from the Spring 2011 hues which looked more electric and light. Raf Simons' hand at doing monochromatic looks like an all deep magenta one or the heavy mustard look were incredibly clean but never too pristine that it'd pain you to wear one. But the best look, for me, would be the liquid magenta tee that marched down the runway paired with nondescript black trousers and plain black shoes...It did the magic for me, while most designers would go for layering or opt for heavier materials to up the dressy factor, this one look could rival a silk dinner suit and this'd probably win. 

Always the lesson---if fashion should ever teach you one anyway, with Jil Sander is that of simplicity...the purer one goes the better it gets, and of course, looks.




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