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It's not intentional, compiling a February STARTER dominated by awesome outerwear, but it's here. Check out what's in store for you this February, taken from all the cool men's style blogs that we know of. Dress up in surfer cool by way  GANT or dress down in ZARA's pretty serious elegance...Whichever way you go, and whatever outerwear you prefer, we've got you covered...Oh, and throw in there some style inspiration from TOKYO for that cleansing Wasabi feel.

Welcome to THE EDGE's February STARTER.

Nanamica Gore-Tex Duffle Coat from Selectism
Back in the days it's probably rare to spot a duffle coat that functions as well as it looks. Besides, most things we do see are either too functional or too good-looking, ending up sacrificing one for the other. But here we have Nanamica's Gore-Tex Duffle Coat. It's water-proof, reasonably priced and looks way too chic for my own good. Check out the nice little details and the awesome effect these tiny niceties do for a discreet, off-white coat. Brilliant work here. 

Jamie Dornan for ZARA Spring 2011 @ DesignScene
Jamie Dornan, a Calvin Klein vet goes dressing for famous Spanish brand ZARA, in pure, almost super bare looks off the Spring 2011 collection. The moody photography, reminiscent of Sean O'pry's Fall 2010 campaign do great justice for clothes that are classic and superbly stylish. A wrinkled white button-down, light-colored motor cycle jacket, one-button navy blazer, 50s-esque fitted shirt and this one pop of red orange on a swell rain coat are just a few of ZARA's Spring 2011 offerings and from here, it looks timeless.

Adidas ZX 800 DB @ HighSnobiety
Seriously loving this new Adidas Originals coming out soon. It's a handsome collaboration between James Bond (not the movie) and soccer superstar David Beckham both of whom have reimagined the late 80s Adidas runner into a savvy, super cool and completely relevant pair of kicks. Although there are two colorways available, this cream, black, white and red combination's a fresh take on really popular 80s colors and I think this looks perfect with the Nanamica duffle coat up top, a plain white tee and light washed jeans.

Garrett Neff for Gant Spring 2011 @ MaleModelScene
Make it a triple: It's me (Gerard), my favorite supermodel Garrett Neff and the fantastic, surfing cool of Gant's Spring 2011 all for this one portion of Starter. It's a pleasure to see (another) famed Calvin Klein body (and face) Garrett Neff working the sure-hit duds at Gant, all such colorful, American and cheery chic pieces that embody a beach-side lifestyle. We've been having our eyes on Gant for some time now and this campaign's proof that we just might be looking at an up-and-coming Ralph Lauren. 
Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Chronograph @ Swipelife
I'm no watch expert here and after reading the review of SwipeLife for Linde Werdelin's latest offering, the SpidoSpeed Chronograph, the word "skeletonized" just bothered me. But as you can see, you really don't have to be much of an expert to realize that what it means is (most probably) this seemingly unfinished, bare look of the watch. It's not as done up, or as this whole context goes, not dressed in fancy meat like say a face made out of this or a frame made out of that, but it's exactly the point. It manages an elegant, industrial rawness that in fact looks and feels fresh from all of what we've been seeing lately in the market. Click on SwipeLife's hyperlink and check out for yourself the other details about the timepiece.

Shot by Gordon Von Steiner @ GQ
You should know that the fashion world's lenses have been deeply focused on Asia...models, designers, the works. And if you're a little tired of those way too elegant men up in Europe on your favorite street style blogs, Gordon Von Steiner's portfolio for GQ takes us to the streets of Tokyo, where the cool, young and seriously fresh looks of Japanese men make like some tiny bit of wasabe: much needed, truly refreshing and pretty inspiring. 


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