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Getting the new season started just got a little easier for you gentlemen: Welcome to THE EDGE's official first day into the hot months ahead. Featuring Spring-worthy news, looks, vanities, cool timely coincidences and awesome exclusives that THE EDGE's THE STARTER has prepared for you...

Santiago Montero for Bottega Veneta

>>>> Campaign Champion
Whether it's Alfred Hitchcock inspired or not there is no doubt Bottega Veneta's Spring 2011 campaign is by far the most beautifully shot advertorial this season. Bottega Veneta, leader in the fashion world (if not the definition) of quiet elegance dresses both men and women for Spring 2011 in a classy, luxurious and rugged look that marries handsomely well with photographer/artist Alex Prager's subtly sinister style. The backdrop of the sky's cool blue, the heavy shots of color on the clothes and the nuisance of birds flying in the background makes for one riveting and interesting campaign. Bottega Veneta's known for making campaigns worthy of art and this one has to be their finest yet. For more of the Spring 2011 Campaign click here 

Ray-Ban fever @ DETAILS
>>>> New Look, Old Favorite
DETAILS magazine's March 2011 issue is one worth the celebration. Not only have they featured three big time male models (which is historical) for their cover, add a new section to their pages "The Body", but also have managed to whip their whole layout into finer shape. This new look yet old favorite glossy of mine, apparently features a guide to buying sunglasses and what other way to celebrate the magazine's fresh look yet signature DETAILS style is of their feature on three Ray-Ban favorites? Too perfect, timely, destined? Call it that, but DETAILS is doing perfectly fine. Get your issues now.

The ideal shirt for Spring @ SwipeLife
>>>> Loving the Blues
Woolrich Woolen Mills has in store for us the perfect spring/summer shirt. Their sky blue button down camp shirt is spun in lightweight cotton so wrinkled or pristinely ironed, this one will look chic either way. What's also to love is the tiny flower design on it. Roll up your khaki trousers' cuffs, unbutton the first two ones on your Woolrich Woolen Mills shirt and run wild through soft sand and you've got the finest summer moment right there.

Jack Kerouac's On The Road
>>>> Beat the Road Jack
When things fall into place, it'll give you goosebumps. Here it is, Beat Generation hero, Jack Kerouac's On The Road is a book ideal for the new season: It's awesome "beat" signature style won't give you a headache, it's about the great American adventure (backpacking, sleeping in hotels and realizing one's purpose in life, and America as your backdrop). I mean, isn't that just the perfect book for the coming months? And while you're at it, enjoying your literary adventure, turn up your iTouch's volume when hitting shuffle and it's Ray Charles' Hit The Road Jack playing oh so perfectly for this moment. The artsy stars just lined up for you....

Commes Des Garcons' tribute to The Beatles @ HighSnobiety
>>>> All you need is Commes Des Garcons
Of course love for the legendary rock band The Beatles too. Check out what Commes Des Garcons, The Beatles and Spring Court sneakers has in store for music, style and sneaker fans: a simple pair of low top sneakers in cream plus white colorways featuring The Beatles' logo, Commes Des Garcons' Apple logo and also Spring Court's logo. When it's Commes, it's always quirky and interesting and despite the simplicity of this pair, it fits the perfect spring/summer sneaker specifications. Now this is a keeper.

Iguzzini's Grand Bleu Explorer Dive Watch
>>>> Dive Deep in Iguzzini
THE EDGE was lucky enough to be rewarded an Iguzzini exclusive. Check out one of the deepest-diving Dive watch the world has to offer: Iguzzini's Grand Bleu Explorer Dive Watch could reach an impressive 2000M, something other watches and brands couldn't reach. The orange version is more youthful and as the season allows, more chic and sporty for the heat of summer. Take this one to exotic diving trips and not only look good, but feel good too since Iguzzini's promise is all about making fine timepieces that give back. A portion of your purchase will land at a charity somewhere in the world. That's one of the biggest reasons why Iguzzini's starting to be known and also one reason why they're a class apart. 

Ocean Breeze: Sophnet & Uniform Experiment Spring 2011
>>> The Look
No, it's not a lookbook but a feature done by honeyee. Sophnet and Uniform Experiment, two brands, join forces for the lenses of honeyee for a story called Ocean Breeze. These photos serve as great summer/spring style references and it doesn't hurt that the photos are just as great. 

The "instant gratification" tube of Boscia @ ValetMag
>>>> This Season's Tube of Choice
Call yourself a vanity, but Boscia's got high-recommendations from ValetMag. What this sleek, black tube promises is a cleaner, finer face. How it does it, I have no idea, but for $34, Boscia makes sure you get your money's worth. After one applies it on the face---looking like a wet seal I'd say, give yourself 15 minutes and you'll feel the formula doing its job: cooling and cleansing the face. When it's incredibly dry, peel it off slowly and ValetMag swears by seeing all that nasty stuff on the mask...Now that's something I'd love to call instant gratification. Who wouldn't want a formula-in-a-tube this good-looking to work? Actually work, I add.

Cool down in Hermes

>>> An Hermes Summer
While it's still dropping low in some parts of the world, here in the Philippines it's ideal to start changing up for the sunny days (the rest to follow soon) and here's one for the inspiration boards: Hermes presents a soothing relief from all the winter fatigue and what better way to sooth the stylish soul than to present a crisp, refreshing and lighter take for the new season. Aqua, one of the finest colors of Spring, takes on refined luxury as Hermes dresses it up with tailored white trousers, leather sandals and awesome brown-on-brown belts. Smooth suits, easy jackets and just-right cut shorts in colors ready to hit the waters is the coolest, yet most refined option you'll ever have this season. For more of Hermes' Spring/Summer 2011 collection click here

>>>> Rolling with Posner & Adele
An Adele and Mike Posner mash-up/cover/remix/collaboration (whatever is most apt) sounds so strange yet so now, since our generation's pretty good at these odd collaborations. Rolling in the Deep by Adele is just as haunting as it is poetic, and the video is brilliant. But what happens when cooler-than-you Mike Posner turns this bluesy, melo rock song into something as infectious, heady as his other hits? You've got yourself one "collaboration" that's part clubby and part soulful. Be the judge and check out if Rolling in the Deep with Posner is good for your new season playlist. 

The beautiful ladies of fashion week by Jules Schratter
>>>> New (Cool) Kid on the Block
7 for All Mankind model (Fall 2010), Julian Schratter's a familiar face walking for Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg and DSquared2 to name a few. He's also part of those Tumblr stunner favorites: Francisco Lachowski, Garrett Neff, Sean O'pry, Vladimir Ivanov and just the rest of the male modeling world who manage charm, personality and good looks it makes the best of us envious. But what sets Schratter apart is his photography and blogging. He photographs well and tells a story other than just great looking people having fun...And for that, he's one real awesome addition to your online reading list. What I love most about his blog is that it's a great balance of humor, young energy, superb and fresh photography and at the same time, touches on life. Check out his sensibly cool photoblog Through Jules' Lens and you will find yourself a fan. In the coming months too, on my other blog, you will see my exclusive story/interview with Jules and just all the reasons why he's the new cool kid on the block.

- Gerard

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