Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Converse and Mackintosh Jack Purcells @ HighSnobiety

During James Deans' time Jack Purcells were in their classic, pure versions. During our time, we get to enjoy awesome collaborations that are just about everywhere. Feast your eyes (and your credit cards) on these goodies: the latest project of Converse and outerwear label Mackintosh goes for an understated, just-as-timeless appeal for their Jack Purcells. They offer these designs in two color ways, one is the cream and white, the other is of navy blue and white. I personally go for this one here, just cause I could imagine it with a suit and all. 

The design of pure Converse and the fabric courtesy of Mackintosh. Sure, it's not as 100% Mackintosh or 100% Converse for you, but the handsome 50-50 makes for 10,000 points for style and chic. Get them while they're hot and wear them 'till you'd want yourselves a new one.

- Gerard

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