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After (probably one of the) longest months this year, May's here and ready to shed some stylish days to come.

Check out DETAILS new-and-improved loafers (pennies for your thought) to wear, the icon we're celebrating this month and the sexy, devilish model whose borrowing our clothes for a magazine story. All that and more for this month's THE STARTER + THE WEEKEND.

Rocking a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit (and his super stylish wife)
at the Royal Wedding yesterday, David Beckham
The Brits have so many things to be proud of, definitely one of them is soccer star and all-round personality Mr. David Beckham. Awarded by GQ as the best airport dresser there is, this man could take dressing to serious heights in and outside the airport. Like we've seen him yesterday, well turned-out in a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the Royal Wedding, Beckham's a hands-down brilliant dresser. This month the man turns a year older and hopefully awfully more stylish. 


Almost heroic for Bergdorf Goodman's Pre-Fall lookbook, Sean O'pry does it again
Top model, Sean O'pry heads down to Bergdorf Goodman to try on what the store will have for you in later half of this year. Pre-Fall may sound too early, but trust me it's great to have you updated so that when you go Fall clothes hunting, it'll be way easier for you to know which ones to buy. Mostly in olives (still having a big moment) and dark browns, charcoals and whites, a surprisingly light washed pair of jeans lends some light into the looks Bergdorf Goodman's prepared for you. And so far, fall looks trim and great as it should be.

>>> PENNY for your THOUGHTS

DETAILS' selections for this season's best go-to shoes
Cue in some ankles folks, we're up for a lot of sockless days to come. DETAILS magazine curates for you the "new-and-improved" versions of our grandfather's favorite pairs: penny loafers. Slimmer in shape and narrower on the toe, these black, modern yet timeless summer staples will be your never-fail shoes for now. Take your pick, roll those chinos up and enjoy.


For VOGUE Paris, Anna Selezneva

The few times you've checked out a copy of VOGUE, the only interesting thing you've had might involve a beautiful model with almost nothing on. Of course, done tastefully. But feast your eyes on a French VOGUE story this month, featuring the beautiful, almost devilish Anna Selezneva trying on lady jewels and our dinner jackets and suits. Only the tiniest of flesh could be seen here, but I say it's just as sexy. Always been appealing to me to see ladies wearing men's clothes... 


Portel iPhone Wallet @ Selectism
Ever tried to fit in everything in one neat wallet? I have and I tell you it's not as handsome as I wanted it to be. Check out Portel's---at Etsy, iPhone wallet. The handmade leather wallet fits all your bills and Visas in plus gives your favorite gadget a safe home to stay in. It won't be as bulky as you think it would be and the selection of leathers from cream to dark brown to a handsome wine are all so delicious to look at. So you make sure only your eyes could see these, cause if somebody else would, you're doomed.

>>> the SUEDE BACK

Assembly New York's Suede Backpack @ The Carry
A canvas backpack is a classic, of course. But having your backpack all done up in suede is a new classic I must say. For a softer feel to your bag with the same stylish punch, check out Assembly New York's latest design. Featuring all the zippers you need, an adjustable pair of straps and a wonderful look, this one's a keeper.

>>> ALEXing the WORLD

Alex Pettyfer dashing for VMan's Summer issue 
Derek Blasberg sits down with the handsome Mr. Alex Pettyfer for a VMan cover story and clearly, Alex Pettyfer was not approached by American fashion God Ralph Lauren to be turned into a "supermodel baby". That's what the rising star's Wikipedia page says and that's only one of the things you'll have to read about Pettyfer's story. Dressed in the most stunning of lightweight fashion, this VMan cover AND interview will be one of my favorites for sure. Get your copies now and find out what's so great about Alex Pettyfer and why soon, he'll be the world's biggest star.

- Gerard

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