Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Fresh. Clean. Crisp: Polo Ralph Lauren Boat shoes, Yves Saint Laurent holdall, Richard James blazer & Ray-Ban Sunglasses
@ Mr. Porter
A.P.C. Sweater & blazer, Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt & Cutler & Gros sunglasses

On a bad day, my trip online usually involves Mr. Porter. I guess this is what they call Retail Therapy, only thing is I haven't purchased anything (yet) online. It's a shame, I know. Soon though... 
To the Mr. Porter team and owner, you guys must've been kissed by angels. 
So anyway, I go to Mr. Porter just to keep me happy and ogling at all the beautiful things money could buy makes me feel safe and calm. Their Travel Essentials is no exception.

Featuring the best items you could bring to your travels and the most delicious pieces off their designers' collections, such as Polo Ralph Lauren classics, A.P.C. striped shirts, sleek trousers that are tailored by Roland Mouret for Mr., Gucci sunglasses and more, will cause your greedy, stylish heart some major heartburn. 

And just to make the viewing a more pleasurable and meaningful experience, the styling is exquisite: no non-sense but definitely beautiful. The quotes from the different authors and personalities (like my favorite. Mr. Kerouac) also add depth and sentiment to the looks. I find it a nice, literary touch really and since this is what I love doing this effort translates to art for me. I mean, this could pass for an exhibit and it's amazing. Styled and curated for the traveler in each one of us, gents this masterpiece by Mr. Porter will keep you awake and itching for a plane ride to wherever in the world.

Thank you Mr. Porter...It's really a beauty.

- Gerard

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