Sunday, May 1, 2011


ROGUE May 2011

Really? The world's about to end? With you (dear ROGUE) looking this good, I don't think so.

You know you're a swell magazine, you know it. This is great, not my favorite, but it's pretty different which makes me want to buy it now (if it's out). Teresa Herrera looks great with fiery straight hair and whatever dress that is, reminds me of Edith Hamilton and lots of those Greek Goddesses. I also love your headlines "ROGUE's close encounter with Teresa Herrera..."'s got to be the coolest, smartest headline I've read.
I do have one thing to say though that I don't find as great...
"ROGUE" is too centered. I understand it would probably mess up the fonts if you make it fit the entire cover, but I'm also guessing the sizes of your magazine wouldn't change for this cover right? It's not bad, but it's a pet peeve of mine when magazine titles don't maximize their spaces UNLESS it's intentional (like W or BON)
But as always, ROGUE is my love and to me, whatever they do is always brilliant, classy, handsome and high-quality.
Now don't be too pessimistic though...With a magazine this good, I don't think God would put the world to an end...It's too damn good, even he of omnipotence and omniscience would want to see the rest of your issues.

- Gerard

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