Friday, May 27, 2011


It's the weekend gents!
For May's last THE WEEKEND, we're bringing you some summery finds and some all-year round goodies that you'll be glad to keep, purchase, celebrate and emulate.
Let's go stylin' the weekend and enjoy!

JFK. Chic. Charming. Cool.
On the 29th, the world will celebrate the United States of America's most charming president's birthday. Born in 1917, the president who has become quite the controversial man of America has influenced the way American history and culture is up to this very day. On the style front, this man has got us all pegged, from the preppy basics to oh-so-cool nautical looks, ValetMag celebrates the president's birthday by showing you how to dress like JFK during the summer. Just think easy, casual, cool and very masculine.


For the Jet-Setter, a DETAILS guide to packing
The azure everything at St. Tropez

Take the weekend off and build a weekend carry-on based on the place you're setting your sights to. DETAILS magazine rounds up three possible vacation modes you could fall under: Beach Boy, Modern Prep or Jet-Setter, and along with that packs for you the finest things money can buy and can bring on your trip. I'm looking at it and I'm liking everything I'm seeing. But what I really want to go to, now is St. Tropez. That is if money weren't part of the issue...

Wood/Wood Sweatshirt @ Selectism
Summer here, rainy seasons there, winter probably somewhere, God knows just how different our seasons are and you're best weapon is always a sweatshirt. Classics and basics are good, but sometimes having something quirky, unexpected and youthful in your closet won't hurt your super styling wardrobe. Check out Wood/Wood's Confession Sweatshirt. Paired great with jeans, layer it on or roll those sleeves up depending on the climate you're in and the place you're enjoying it. But this one's a character of a sweater to keep.

Since when did Angie and Jack Nicholson happen? And where's Brad?

Even when it's odd (and a style trip for me), it still isn't bad at all Ryan Gosling
If I aged like this, I'd be thanking God on my knees every single day. Patrick Dempsey, great job

Every weekend the folks up at GQ round up a list of hollywood's boys and who had it great or bad that week. This weekend, I am pointing your attention to Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling: Brad Pitt is having problems, I could see it. Ryan Gosling, who just never trips on the style front, has (finally) tripped---for me, in this kinda short, awkward looking pyjama/jacket/whatever it is...BUT, since this is the Ryan Gosling we're talking about, the man just never looks awful or bad at all. And because of that, I am starting to hate him. Also, check out Ethan Hawke and why the GQ editors have had a hard time digesting his (actually nice) look. There's also the aging Mr. Patrick Dempsey whose style and looks you'll want to keep note of (cause we're probably getting tired of George Clooney). PLUS, why you should try your best not to look like Johnny Weir.

- Gerard

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