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Whether its ivory or pearl, this one is straight from heaven
Nikola Jovanovic for Cornerliani Spring 2012

Looking a little too precious for Safari and hunting escapades, I do---though, imagine traipsing the wild in such soft and plush numbers delivered by the talented Mr. Sergio Corneliani. The signature smooth ripple that you see in practically every piece of Corneliani Spring 2012 highlights just how breezy these items are. But don't be fooled, cause, as I've said, you could take these pristine duds for a spin at some adventure.

At Corneliani Spring 2012 gentlemen are presented as such: well-educated, somewhat soft-spoken, mild mannered but never without a bone of the rugged. That was the impression at least, as hinted by those soft scarves and finely dimpled fedoras worn with the most elegant suits in the business (take for example a pearl ensemble as seen on Nikola Jovanovic: its star, a super handsome blazer only Italians could do). Almost everything is lightweight in material. Trousers are free and allow the Corneliani man lots of room for walking from his expensive ride to everywhere else he pleases.  (More after the jump)

Momentarily take your eyes off of such rich looks and focus on the darker, grittier side of this collection: a sleek, high-collared onyx trench coat, a brown-on-brown number that features a hybrid of a hunting jacket and a blazer atop a trim button down and rolled up shorts, heavy outerwear in seemingly soft fabrics rendered in sinister hues like a smokey brown and black. And you realize that you could take to the jungles in such rich numbers. Right? I mean, how else would the Corneliani man afford to carry around genius python bags if they weren't built for the wild? (Way too literal? I know...But you'll get the point)

The most stunning look, for me, that came out of the sandy walkway at Corneliani was the last look Vladimir Ivanov wore: a stiff-collared safari jacket in jet black, buttoned and pocketed to perfection, cinched at the waist and complimented by a deep V-neck and gray trousers. Coincidentally, I named Vladimir's look from Corneliani's Spring 2011 their best

My favorite from the show
Vladimir Ivanov
While you may think you're slowly losing to the whole polar opposite chic these clothes are showing you, what's notable about Corneliani is that the lightweight and breezy effect of the pieces are visible on all clothes. Even pieces such as a tough leather jacket could go sweet in the hands of master tailors such as Corneliani. The whole beauty of the collection this Spring, is Sergio Corneliani's hand at making things plush and luxurious enough to stand the test of rough wearing and riding. Brilliant tailoring combined with talent, taste and the finest fabrics around would definitely yield ultra durable and lasting items.
Unconstructed safari jackets? Why not. While these jackets are originally built for the wild, at Corneliani's it's not just for that, but for taking the Corneliani man to different corners of the globe in comfortable, stylish and handsomely tailored clothes his money can buy. And that's having more bang for your buck I tell you.


photos (and more) from GQ
- Gerard

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