Tuesday, July 12, 2011


GQ August 2011
Sexy, smart and funny. That's beyond perfect.
Mila Kunis by Terry Richardson for GQ

I kind of expected how they were about to describe her. The sexy, beautiful lady who's funny as hell and is SURELY able to talk about something nerdy or geeky or smart like Star Trek and all that. I don't know, for a time it did sound cool of a lady to know something about those field of interests, but now it's just tiring to read it. She is though really funny. She's got that dark sex appeal that's truly as dangerous as dangerous could get and that's probably why I'm a fan.

Mila Kunis covers GQ's annual comedy issue for August 2011 and I also expected---GQ's getting kinda predictable anyway, but the love will always be there unharmed, Terry Richardson to take the photos of Kunis. It's the usual formula, go for sexy and humorous and Terry Richardson's the man. I'm getting this one, despite the expected points about it.

- Gerard

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