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One of the most stylish, memorable rockstars out there
Mick Jagger
We're doing an American Tribute even when it's way past Independence Day. The Land of the Free deserves much recognition, and that's exactly what's starting this month on THE EDGE's STARTER + WEEKEND.

From surfing essentials to Europe's nod to America to the Stone we're eyeing to Mick Jagger to a British cowboy on Esquire, we're traveling around the world (almost) for this one.

>>> ICON: Mick Jagger
Not only is he the father of super gorgeous Georgia May Jagger, lead of The Rolling Stones, a style God, music legend, he's also this generation's favorite namedrop (check out Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera's Moves Like Jagger and that other---I'm so sorry, annoying, song). 
Check him out doing a face-off with another legend, David Bowie in Dancin' in the Street or watch him tear up the Grammys months ago. 
The man's turning 68 on the 26th but he sure still got lots of swag.

>>> READ: Surf & Sea by John M. Kelly Jr.
Surf & Sea by John M. Kelly Jr. 
After unearthing my first and last copy of Man About Town, 7th issue from last year's Fall/Winter, I realized that the British read's got lots of surfing and Americana featured in the issue. One of which that I really liked was this book Surf & Sea by John M. Kelly Jr. Surfing genius, John M Kelly Jr. is---mostly, the subject of this 4 decade old read. Purchase a copy to learn more about the surfing scene during those times and also get a peak inside the life and times of the inventor of the hydroplane surfboard and all over Renaissance man. I'm not even a surfer but I'm rubbing my chin, thinking of getting myself a copy.

>>> STORE/STYLE: Saturdays

That wall is mine. Suddenly, I'm glad Manila's got hot weather
GQ grants New York's Saturdays a spot on the magazine's much favorable page GQ Endorses. Called "the coolest store in America right now" Saturdays is stocked with all the best finds a surfing dude (or dudette I guess) would need, from trunks to sneakers to those oh-so-cool tee shirts to surfboards in multiple hues to beach soaps, all of which are most probably touched by Saturdays. They even sell coffee. Beat that. 

>>> MUSIC: The Beach Boys' All Summer Long

You're classic, best bet for a summer soundtrack, with or without a trip to the beach
The Beach Boys will always be an American musical treasure and this 1964 record's a keeper especially this summer time. Not only does it have such an inspiring and stylish jacket, the tracks are groovy, energetic and signature Beach Boys. Go road tripping to Do You Remember & Little Honda, go dancing and surfing to their famous I Get Around or better yet just drown in these beats on your iPods from start to finish. 

>>>  STYLE: GQ Italia's Microfantasie

Microfantasie GQ Italia 
When American staples get an Italian fix, it's bound to be a sure hit (for example Renato Carosone's Tu Vuo Fa' L'Americano). In this story featuring prints in microscopic cool, double-breasted suits to two-button jackets range from pale lilacs to dove gray hues Italian GQ's Microfantasie teaches you a thing or two about putting together a look this sophisticated and neat. There's an American element in it, the glasses, the blonde hair, it almost reminds you of Matt Damon on The Talented Mr. Ripley and then there's the obvious Italian tweaks on the spot-on styling and the pieces and what you get is an intercontinental fair of nothing but pure handsome style.

>>> WOMAN: Emma Stone

Set to star in a multitude of hits in the coming months---including the new Spider-Man, funny woman and  beautiful bombshell Emma Stone is Vanity Fair's cover star for August 2011. Watch the video and you'll realize that despite her Easy A simplicity, there is something dangerous about her that I love. Oh, and to those saying she's the new Lindsay Lohan, what the hell?!

>>> EATS: GQ's San Francisco Feature
The restaurant's cool exterior
Commonwealth's Menu

GQ's July 2011 issue has a round-up of the finest eateries in San Francisco. From the 10 Dishes Not To Miss (which includes Warm Egg Custard at Mission Chinese Food, Young Carrots at Plum, Eel, Feuille de Brick, Creme Fraiche, Lime at Benu and the delectable Foie Gras Bonbon at Commonwealth) to five of San Francisco's got-to-try places. Now the photos will get you starving, so I advise you to fill up before flipping the pages, just so you won't feel that bad.


Japan's Waste(Twice) and America's Mountainsmith = cool, cool backpack @HighSnobiety
While great outdoor activities enjoy massive global appeal, it is, for me, a truly American past time. So what better way to explore the wilderness than get straight-up backpacking in this collaborative masterpiece?  Japan's Waste(Twice) and America's Mountainsmith concocted a line of superb nylon/leather backpacks and waist bags that come in awesome colors: hyped-up blue and yellow, sporty red and black or classic black and brown. Stitched to stand the demands of any kind of outdoors adventure, these kids should definitely be on your list must-haves. 

>>> READ/MAN: Daniel Craig on Esquire

The British Cowboy who'll be battling aliens real soon, Daniel Craig on Esquire August 2011

Isn't it fascinating that Cowboys VS. Alien's Cowboy is Mr. Bond? A Brit? The trailer looks awesome---a little weird though, cause, you know, it seems like the movie's a little bit too ambitious, but whatever, and whatever Daniel Craig does seems cool. This man, for me, is the epitome is macho cool, a modern day Steve McQueen. For August 2011, Esquire gets my vote for best magazine cover of the month. The "unfinished" look on it and the blues and browns definitely's got me itching for a copy. And of course, Daniel Craig is one of my favorite bad boys in Hollywood (including Clive Owen) so this issue ought to be a steal for me. Check out the issue the moment it hits newsstands and read up on Craig's interview, IF you get past the swearing. 


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