Friday, July 15, 2011


Welcome to the weekend gents!
Here's this week's dose of extra cool essentials you'll love not just this weekend, but for a long, long time.


Always a handsome line-up for Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2011 Campaign
The Bryan Ferry-pack of Dolce & Gabbana looks too cool for print and even on the web, which is a great thing. There is however, a tiny glitch in their campaign, but it's still awesome. Starring Dolce's roster of super good-lookers, there are new additions in this campaign like Daisuke Ueda, Guy Robinson and Nils Butler. Photographed by Steven Klein, here is a reference you'd like to keep for your Fall 2011 wardrobe. Classic jackets, lots of reds, blacks and grays, thick-framed glasses (not the hipster kind I assure you) and the nice short haircuts you'd want to try. This is the gang to stick to gents, believe me.


Nike's Air Ralston Mid Lite Sneaker @ HighSnobiety
Something this easy-looking and simple is quite a complicated thing. But all you ever have to understand is that  Nike's Air Ralston mid Lite Sneaker is a suede pair of kicks with extra, extra light soles that make walking almost a pleasure. The beautiful gray sneakers are limited and with looks like this, I believe it should be limited for the few who can carry a light steps.


Burkman Bros. Fall 2011. Illustrated by Michael Sanderson @ Selectism

Refreshing is what I'd call this. Burkman Bros. Fall 2011 collection is presented in a series of handsome illustrations of a stylish man doing what street style photographers do best: look good and take photos of those who do too, drawn by Michael Sanderson. Featuring the designer's awesome Fall duds interpreted in cool drawings, it's nice to see a collection that veers away from the usual lookbook-y shoots that has been tired and tested (no typos here gents). Check out the colors and the details and how styling, just like in real life, speaks volumes on drawing as well. 

Lacoste "Fitzgerald" messenger bag @ The Carry

Lacoste's latest offering in the bag department has all the elements of an everyday carry, regardless of what you're wearing or what season it is. In a no non-sense black cotton, it gets well-structured and sturdy thanks to its leather bottom and it's other leather trimmings. Though definitely not the most original idea or the most attractive of its kind, what makes this a must-buy is its versatility, its timeless appeal and it's sure-use for everyday. In a matter of a month of non-stop carrying, the Fitzgerald has already got you lots of bang for your buck.

- Gerard

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