Saturday, July 30, 2011


July's last weekend is here and what THE EDGE has in store for you will definitely keep you smiling 'till next year.

Here we go gents THE WEEKEND!


3.1 Philip Lim takes us on cool overdose for Spring 2012. Philip Lim offers a pretty current collection, all of which are done in light strides and are heavily inspired by California, possibly, Spring 2012's most referenced state of America: acid-washed fabrics, denim pieces to wear 'till they tear (literally), windbreakers, shorts and lots more of those breezy items a California kid puts on his back. Check out the video and visualize your Spring next year with 3.1 Philip Lim
VAULT magazine's 2nd issue 
Another Philippine publication that's pretty much doing it right, ABS-CBN's VAULT magazine gives local newsstands a refreshing break. Zero blurbs on its actual cover, a properly-spaced layout, its title obviously as prominent as the cover's subject, VAULT truly captures the essence of luxury: quiet, subtle but inspiring and of premium quality. For their second issue, they're featuring a yacht on its way towards the city and though I'm far from knowledgeable of yachts and their specs, this tiny magazine caught my attention from a sea of usual celebrities and models on covers. Grab yourselves a copy and please, keep faith in this one...

KAWS + Hennessy V.S. Cognac Limited Edition Bottles @ Swipelife
What do you get when famous labels and names head on for a collission/collaboration that celebrates art and drinking? You get this awesome, limited edition bottle of cognac from Hennessy designed by graffiti icon KAWS. Featuring KAWS' signature cartoon-style renderings on the classic Hennessy bottle, these limited editions will come with their very own number...420,000 of them. The odd combination makes for a cool, humorous design, the main reason why it actually works. Who knew something so serious such as cognac could get this cartoonish?
Mob 2B Bookcase @Selectism
I love how Selectism's writer describes this bookcase from MOB. It is sexy, and even if it sounds sleezy, you couldn't deny the fact that this handsome bookcase could turn a short attention-spanned anybody into a self-confessed bookie. The colors pop but are far from annoying, the slanted slabs of wood/metal provide such a neat touch to the whole case and everything about this bookcase just makes eBooks and iPad versions of magazines a pathetic alternative. 
- Gerard

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